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Ambassador program

You packed your bags, landed in your host country and took in all that your study abroad experience had to offer! Now that you have returned home and are readjusting to your home university, you may be looking for ways to reconnect with and share your study abroad experience, but often find it difficult to find an audience to listen. We recognize that returning home can be overwhelming. You may be graduating soon but not sure of your professional future or just need work experience. Whether you are excited to talk about your experience abroad or looking for ways to further your study abroad experience, KEI’s Alumni Ambassador Program gives KEI Alumni who have returned to their home university the opportunity to connect with other KEI Alumni, share their KEI study abroad experience, promote study abroad, and develop skills towards their future and career goals.

Our mission is for Ambassadors to utilize their study abroad experience in outreach on campus and in their community while growing in ways that will transfer to their professional life. Through interactive training, personal guidance from the KEI team, and the use of valuable professional development resources, KEI Ambassadors will be supported and guided throughout the nine-month program. KEI Ambassadors are a group of carefully selected students who are committed, outgoing, socially connected and enthusiastic advocates of study abroad.

Join the network of KEI Alumni Ambassadors!

Meet our current Ambassadors

Alexis Collier
Lincoln University
Guayaquil, Ecuador

In the spring of 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Guayaquil, Ecuador. While studying abroad, I enhanced my comprehension of the Spanish language, forged new friendships and created memories to last a lifetime. My favorite aspects of my experience were being able to take my major classes in Spanish, participating in an internship, and living with a host family. Each of these things contributed to both my appreciation and knowledge of the Spanish language and Ecuadorian culture. Studying abroad has significantly influenced my perspective of the world and of life in general. There are so many different cultures and countries and each is worth exploring and being knowledgeable about. Although I have yet to explore many countries and cultures, studying abroad in Guayaquil increased my confidence and has made me more comfortable with travel and stepping outside my comfort zone. I now consider myself to be a global citizen.

Bruce Schlesman
Christopher Newport University
London, England

I am a double major in history and political science with a minor in leadership studies. I am a senior at Christopher Newport University (CNU) in Newport News, Virginia. I run Cross Country and Track for CNU as well and I am a member of the President's Leadership Program, a honors/service leadership program. I studied abroad at London Southbank University in London, UK. There, I studied history and political science from an English perspective. I also got the opportunity to see the United Kingdom and Europe and I also had the chance to volunteer on a British Parliament member, Duncan Hames' campaign for reelection. I also enjoy writing, reading, keeping up with politics and sports.

Danielle Abram
Kennesaw State University
London, England

England changed my life in the most remarkable way possible. I was able to leave behind Kennesaw State University for a chance to study at London South Bank University. Not only was it similar to an out of body experience, but being abroad helped me develop into the person I want to be and helped me discover who I truly am. While abroad, I had the opportunity to live in a brand new place with people I have never met before, people with whom I eventually became extremely close. I learned to explore. I was able to learn that I love having the chance travel at any given moment, such as taking a walk along the Thames or having opportunities to visit other countries like Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands. Studying abroad, I didn't feel limited to the space I was in or to what was possible. Something that has changed me for the better is that I am now better at approaching people. Before London, I was extremely shy to meet new people, but now I feel comfortable starting a conversation. I am so happy to stay in a study abroad mindset by being a KEI Alumni Ambassador and love the fact that I can help other students follow their dreams. Hopefully I will be able to study abroad myself one more time before I graduate!

Victoria Estrella
SUNY Oneonta
Paris, France

Hi! My name is Victoria and I studied abroad in Paris, France during the Spring 2015 semester. I am currently a junior studying Fashion at SUNY Oneonta. Studying abroad was definitely a decision that I will be forever grateful for making. Before going abroad, I never traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. so it was a brand new experience for me to travel. I loved every minute of it! While I was there I got to visit Paris Fashion Week, an experience I’ve always dreamed of. Also, I learned that if you apologize for not speaking French in France, people are extremely nice to you. Studying abroad made me so much more culturally aware and now I am never quick to judge others based on differences. I am interested to learn about other people’s culture and appreciate it. I was able to meet so many people and make connections. I now have friends that I can visit around the world in places like Austria, Denmark, Lyon, Spain, Paris, and all around the U.S. In the future, I want to work in International Fashion Business. Studying abroad was a great decision for my future.
What Ambassadors do KEI Ambassadors will utilize their study abroad experience in outreach on campus and in their community. Program responsibilities are, but are not limited to:
  • Represent KEI on campus.
  • Attend check-ins with your Regional Manager.
  • Attend the study abroad fair and other international education events on campus.
  • Host events and/or activities on campus and in local community to promote study abroad.
  • Organize presentations about your experience abroad and KEI programs to academic and social clubs and student organizations.
  • Be a KEI Alumni buddy to prospective KEI study abroad students.

How to apply Submit the following materials via email for consideration into the Ambassador program to Alumni Relations at simone@keiabroad.org.
  • KEI Alumni Ambassador Application
  • Resume
  • One of the following representing you and your experience abroad:
    • 3-5 pictures of you abroad
    • A video
    • A presentation
    • A blog entry

More information
Contact Simone Biasuzzi, Alumni Relations, at simone@keiabroad.org or 1.212.931.9953.