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Go again grant

Now that you have lived abroad you may be thinking about going back. Or, perhaps you are looking to expand on your international experience by studying or interning in a different country. To help make your goals a reality, KEI offers a $500 Go Again Grant. The grant can be applied to any KEI-sponsored summer, semester, quarter, trimester and academic year program.

Your responsibilities

  • Write 2 profiles: Before going abroad again & After going abroad again, including pictures of your experience abroad.
  • Be a KEI Alumni buddy to prospective KEI study abroad students.
  • Serve as a mentor to other students on the program.
  • Direct students to more information about KEI programs, including our website, Facebook, email and phone.
  • Permit KEI to post your photo and profile on the KEI website for prospective students to reference.

Rules & regulations

  • Students must be past participants of a KEI program.
  • Students must follow the regular application and enrollment guidelines for their intended program abroad.
  • Awards are deducted from the program fee or disbursed as travel grants.
  • KEI reserves the right to change the award amount, and rules and regulations without notice.
More information Contact Eduard Mandell for more information.

Tel: 1.212.931.9953 ext. 3
Email: eduard@KEIabroad.org

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