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Photo contest

The Photo Contest provides a venue for KEI Alumni to share their experiences abroad through photos and videos. Sharing your experience with friends, family and future program participants is one of the best ways to reduce post-program blues and re-entry shock and relive your experiences abroad. Contest finalists receive a $250 US prize, and have their submissions showcased in print and digital literature.

Students can submit up to 8 photos (or a short video, less than 2 minutes) illustrating their experience(s) abroad. Entries will be judged based on the quality of the photos/videos and creativity. Preference will be given to photos/videos that include the following:
  • Students in front of landmarks and scenery reflective of the host country/region.
  • Students wearing clothing, holding a sign or displaying gestures reflective of their home university in the USA.
  • Educational, interesting and/or fun activities.

Requirements & Deadlines

  • All submissions must be digital and emailed to enter the Photo Contest.
  • Pictures and video must be taken at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Your photos and video cannot include profanity, vulgar activities, alcohol and/or drugs, nudity or sexual content.
  • Make sure to include the following in your presentation:
    • The first and last name of each person (including yourself) in the photo/video.
    • KEI program location where you studied abroad.
There are no submission deadlines. Entries are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Winners are determined after KEI receives submissions from 12 students. That gives you a greater chance to win $250. Winning photos and videos will be published on the KEI website; Photos may be printed in program literature.

Photos and videos should be emailed to photo@KEIabroad.org as attachments. Email each photo/video individually if the files are large. If the files are too large to attach, send an email to photo@KEIabroad.org requesting upload information. We will email you a link to upload photos to our cloud.
Examples of photos & videos Follow the links below for examples of outstanding photos.

China page...
Students holding a University of Kentucky banner.

Ireland page...
Students spelling CATS (University of Kentucky mascot) with their bodies.

Ecuador page...
Interesting photo in Amazon.

Below are two examples of videos to help you get started.

Cassandra Hardin
University of Kentucky
Beijing, China
Video blog

Cody White
West Virginia University
Moscow, Russia
Video on YouTube

Download files Download the Alumni Handbook for detailed contest requirements and rules.