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Everyone at KEI hopes that you had a memorable academic, cultural, and social experience abroad. We realize that returning home can often be as difficult as going away. You may be experiencing reverse culture shock, wondering about your future, looking for a job to pay unexpected expenses, trying to stay connected and in touch with your host culture, or thinking about studying abroad again. We look forward to helping you re-adjust to life at home.

Reverse culture shock

Are you feeling different, now that you are home? Do you experience the feeling of unfamiliarity in places that should be familiar; a feeling of discomfort with people who are close to you; or, a feeling of inadequacy when dealing with common situations? If you are nodding shaking your head yes, then the most likely the cause of these feelings is re-entry shock. In other words, re-entry shock is experiencing a sense of disorientation or feeling of being out of place upon your return home.

What is reverse culture shock?
Do I have re-entry shock??
What are the four stages of re-entry shock??
What can I do to relieve re-entry shock??
What else can I do to decrease reverse culture shock??
Where can I find more information about reverse culture shock?
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