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What's next?

Now that you have returned home, you may be wondering what's next. There are two post-program forms (Program Evaluation and Security Refund Form) that must be completed so that KEI can process your transcript and security deposit refund.

Program transcripts

KEI programs include one official and one unofficial transcript. The official transcript will be mailed to your home university. The unofficial transcript will be emailed to you or mailed to your home address. Transcripts will be processed after we receive your post-program documents. It may take up to three months to prepare and mail your transcript.

Transcripts will not be disbursed if there is a balance on your KEI student account.

Grades & disputes
Whenever possible, KEI will email your grades before official transcripts are finalized. If you have questions about your grades please contact the professor(s) of the course. All grade disputes are the sole responsibility of the student. KEI will assist students in contacting the host institution and faculty, but has no authority to change grades.

Program evaluation

We value our alumni and your feedback about the program. Your comments and suggestions are used to improve the program. Please take the time to complete the KEI program evaluation.

Security deposit refund

Students are entitled to a refund of the $850 enrollment confirmation deposit (minus cost of damages, if any), provided the following requirements are satisfied:
  • You participated on a KEI program.
  • You made your program payments by the specified deadline dates.
  • You completed the KEI post-program documents within 60 days of program end date.
Refunds are disbursed after the onsite staff verifies that all damages, excessive utility bills and extra charges have been settled. Depending on location, verification can take up to 3 months. Refunds will be mailed to the address indicated on the Security Deposit Refund Form. Students using a KEI Payment Plan to pay a portion of the KEI program fee will have the refund deducted from the last scheduled payment(s), if applicable. Students who do not pay their program fee or payment plan installments by the required deadline dates forfeit the deposit and remain liable for any remaining balance owed.
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