Often referred to as the Oxford of the East, Pune is best known as the educational capital of India with more than 100 institutes and universities. But Pune is so much more. Its history, friendly people and range of cultural and recreational activities are sure to keep you engaged. Read more about India and Pune.

  • Study at Symbiosis International University (SIU)
  • Hindu language Indian studies courses
  • Liberal arts, humanities and business courses (taught in English)
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities
  • Maximum of 18 credits per semester and 9 credits during summer
  • Transcripts issued by SIU and/or Lincoln University (accredited in the USA)
  • Cultural field trips in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Agra (Taj Mahal)
  • Affordable comprehensive program fee
  • Pre-departure advising and planning
  • KEI Onsite Director and 24/7 emergency support

Academic & professional concentrations

  • Business & Economics
  • Communications: Journalism, Media & Film
  • Criminology, Forensics & Law
  • Hindi (& Urdu) Language & Area Studies
  • International Relations & Political Science
  • Psychology & Social Sciences
  • Internships & Community Service


  • Academic Year (late July to early May)
  • Fall Semester (late July to mid December)
  • Spring Semester (early January to early May)