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Financing study abroad

KEI accepts all forms of financial aid. Payment of the program fee can be deferred until financial aid is disbursed - even if the program is already in session. Refer to KEI policies for more information. KEI also prepared a Financial Aid Guide describing various forms of financial aid and payment options.

There are various sources of aid available for study abroad - KEI, federal government, state government, university/college and foundations. Financial aid available through KEI is described on the KEI financial aid page. This page contains information about non-KEI aid.

Federal financial aid...

Federal aid refers to financial assistance provided by the federal government including Pell grants, Stafford loans, Plus loans, Perkins loans and GI Bill. Federal law states that students can use federal financial aid to cover reasonable costs associated with education abroad if they are eligible for such aid and their home institution approved the program for credit transfer. Click on each item below for more information.

PELL Grant
Stafford Loan (FFEL loan)
PLUS Loan (Parent Loan)
Perkins Loan
GI Bill

State financial aid...

State aid refers to any form of financial aid sponsored by the state. Some states offer scholarships, such as the Georgia's Hope Scholarship and West Virginia's Promise Scholarship. Some states also offer 529 Plans, which are college savings accounts based on stock portfolios. Rules governing scholarships and 529 plans depend on individual states. Since each state has its own policies, students should speak with the study abroad advisor and financial aid office at their home institution.

University financial aid...

Do you receive a scholarship from your university? Some universities/colleges allow students to use their institutional scholarships for study abroad, while other universities/colleges do not. Speak with your academic advisor, financial aid office and/or scholarship administrator. Note that work-study cannot be used for study abroad.


There are a number of foundations and companies that offer scholarships, grants and loans for education abroad. Each foundation has its own application requirements and deadlines. Links to the most notable foundations and companies are provided below.
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Did you know? Did you know that KEI offers high quality programs at a lower cost than most programs offered by universities and third-party providers? We achieve savings through fiscal management and utilizing our resources in the USA and abroad. The savings are passed on to students in the form of lower fees.

Don't take our word. We encourage you to compare programs. If you find a less expensive semester, quarter or academic year program at the same host institution and location with the same inclusions offered by KEI, we will match the price and deduct an additional $500. You will not find a guarantee like this anywhere else.