Why study abroad with KEI?

There are many reasons to choose KEI as your program provider. Below are the top few reasons that set KEI apart from other organizations offering education abroad programs. Click on each item below for more information.

Affordable inclusive fees and financial aid...

KEI offers the most affordable comprehensive programs abroad. Our programs offer the best value (what you get for the money). Don’t take our word for it: compare!! If you find another program at the same host university with the same services, inclusions and opportunities, we will match the price and give you a $500 grant to help with travel. You will not find a price guarantee like this anywhere else. In addition to our affordable fees, KEI offers grants, scholarships, promotional offers and interest-free payment plans for qualified students.

Don’t mistake affordability with quality. We are able to deliver high quality programs at a lower price through fiscal management, long-lasting relationships and leveraging resources in the USA and abroad. All this means savings for our students.

Courses you need...

We don’t just say it – we do it. KEI offers more courses in more academic majors and minors than any other study abroad provider. Courses in foreign languages, area studies and liberal arts are also offered. Check out the different academic and professional concentrations offered by KEI.

Internships, research and community service...

KEI offers experiential learning opportunities – internships, service and research – at most program locations. Internships are organized with companies, not-for-profit organizations and medical clinics. Research and independent study in the natural and social sciences is organized with faculty at KEI’s partner universities abroad. Internships and research are awarded 3 to 6 credits and require a minimum commitment of 120 to 240 hours. Community service is organized at local and multinational organizations. Community service is not-for-credit and a more flexible commitment than internship and research.

No foreign language required...

There is NO foreign language requirement to study abroad with KEI. Courses are taught in English. Select programs also offer courses taught in the host language. Internships, research and service are available in English and the host language.

Offering programs in English makes study abroad more accessible to students. However, we strongly encourage students to learn the host language and become fully integrated in the host culture.

Cultural integration...

Program participants are integrated with students from the host country in classes, internships/service and housing. Many programs also offer homestay options with local families. KEI-planned cultural activities and field trips are organized throughout the program. Our focus on integration means more interaction with local students and community, better language acquisition and enhanced cultural awareness.

Quality personalized service...

Students come first! While there are many factors to consider during the development and operation of a program, we always balance our decisions with students’ needs. We make reasonable promises and we deliver on these promises.

KEI helps you throughout the entire process, from assistance with course approval and credit transfer, to financial aid, to the type of clothes to bring. Our services include:

  • Personalized advising throughout the program
  • Comprehensive predeparture guides and support
  • Onsite Director and support
  • Predeparture and onsite orientation
  • Use of mobile phone
  • Housing and logistical assistance
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Commitment to diversity...

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds, which reflects the ethnic and cultural complexity of our increasingly global world. To this end, KEI has entered into partnerships with Clark Atlanta University, Lincoln University and other HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and and HSIs (Hispanic Serving Institutions). More than 30% of KEI program participants are African-American and Hispanic-American.