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Gold Coast & Brisbane
I had an overall great time in Australia. I had some issues at first, but they were sorted by the program in time. Housing ended up being amazing and the Onsite Director was the best.

Nicole Bellamy
Marist College

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Student life

With Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the hinterland all within an hour of each other, there are endless ways to enjoy your spare time and experience the Australian way of life. Brisbane offers all the excitement of a major capital city, but with a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. The Gold Coast has much more to offer than its beaches, including shopping, dining, natural attractions and an array of entertainment.

Top 5 things to do in Brisbane
Top 5 things to do on the Gold Coast

KEI encourages students to participate in university clubs, sports and campus activities. There are numerous clubs and sports to choose from, so you are sure to find something that meets your interests. KEI also encourages students to become engaged in the local community. Volunteer opportunities range from litter cleanup, planting trees, or working for not-for-profit.

Housing & meals

Students have the option of studying and living on the Gold Coast or Nathan. The Gold Coast campus is a 20 minute commute from Surfers Paradise. The Nathan campus is a 15 minute commute from central Brisbane. Gold Coast and Nathan are a 60 minute commute by university shuttle bus.

On the Gold Coast, students live in shared apartments off-campus in Surfers Paradise. Apartments consist of a shared kitchenette, living area, bathroom and double bedrooms. Students can also live in a residence hall on the Gold Coast campus, but a $1500 housing supplement will be added to the program fee. In Nathan, students live on-campus in a residence hall that consists of shared lounges, bathrooms and double bedrooms. Most students prefer to live on the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise.

Laundry facilities are available in all residences. There are several cafeterias and cafes on-campus, and numerous restaurants and grocery stores off-campus.

Getting around town

Brisbane and Gold Coast have an excellent public transportation system. Both offer an extensive bus network. Brisbane also has Citycats that run the length of the river and ferries that tend to criss-cross the river. Citycats may not be as quick as buses, but there is so much to see from the river. Gold Coast also has a tram system offering light rail service. A commuter train connects Brisbane to the Gold Coast and beyond.

Brisbane and Gold Coast have integrated ticketing for public transportation. Students can purchase a single one-way ticket that can be used on bus, train or ferry services for up to 2 hours after purchase. Taxis are abundant, but expensive, and can be hailed on the street, at a taxi stand, or by calling the dispatcher.

Phones & internet

KEI provides a prepaid mobile phone handset shortly after arrival in Australia. The phone will have a small amount of credit to get you started. Students can purchase additional minutes at most convenience and grocery stores. The KEI Onsite Director will show students how to place calls and top-off minutes.

Internet is available on campus free of charge, but there maybe an additional fee for internet access in your residence.

Onsite Director Onsite Director Ann Wadsworth
+ 61 (0) 407.590.575
Brisbane & GC, Australia

Originally from Boston, Ann studied abroad in Australia in 1990 and loved it so much she returned to live and work here! Now married to an Aussie with three little 'joeys' of her own, Ann has been sharing her love of Australia, working with study abroad students in Queensland. Ann works closely with the KEI Onsite Assistant to organize orientation, cultural field trips and support students during the program.

Australian slang Australians often use slang, humour and irony when talking informally. Here are some common terms.
  • Arvo - Afternoon
  • Aussie - Australian
  • Barbie - Barbeque
  • Bloke - Man
  • Brekkie - Breakfast
  • Brizzie - Brisbane
  • G'day - Good day
  • Goldy - Gold Coast
  • Mozzie - Mosquito
  • No worries - No problem/That's OK
  • Roo - Kangaroo
  • Snags - Sausages
  • Sunnies - Sunglasses
  • Telly - TV
  • Togs - Swimsuit/Bikini
  • Woolies - Woolworths