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Paris was a remarkable experience which I will never forget. Your time and effort made the process simple and the program enjoyable. Thank you for this opportunity.

Perla Maldonado
University of Houston

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Academics: semester & year

The semester and academic year curriculum offers a wide selection of courses taught in English. Courses are held at the American Business School (ABS) at the Institut de Gestion Sociale. KEI program participants are integrated with French and international students from around the world. Students can enroll in up to 15 credits per semester (16 credits if taking Intermediate French Language). Most courses are 3 credits. The French Civilization course is required.

Download the PDF course file (from the Download files box to the right) to select your courses. Use the UPDATED Courses file if available for your term of study. Otherwise use the Tentative Courses: Fall & Spring file to select your courses.

Required course

FRE 320 French Civilization (Paris & French Society)

Business & economics (electives)

ACC 110 Financial Accounting I
ACC 120 Financial Accounting II
ACC 130 Managerial Accounting
ECO 110 Macroeconomics
ECO 120 Microeconomics
ECO 210 Macroeconomic Analysis
ECO 220 Microeconomic Analysis
ECO 324 Money & Banking
ECO 450 International Economics
ECO 460 Economic Evolution Since WWII
FIN 210 Business Finance I
FIN 220 Business Finance II
FIN 320 Investment Analysis
FIN 340 Investment Management
FIN 450 International Finance
LAW 210 American Business Law
LAW 310 International Law
MGT 210 Process & Functions of Management
MGT 230 International Business
MGT 300 European Business (Introduction To)
MGT 320 Entrepreneurship I
MGT 350 Logistics
MGT 400 European Business Strategies
MGT 410 Strategic Management
MGT 420 European Community Law & Business Implications
MGT 430 Art, Creativity & Entrepreneurship
MIS 110 Management of Information Systems I
MIS 120 Management of Information Systems II
MIS 310 Infrastructure for e-Commerce and Internet Marketing
MIS 320 E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
MKT 210 Principles of Marketing
MKT 320 Advertising
MKT 241 European Consumer Behavior
MKT 340 Marketing Research
MKT 350 International Marketing
MKT 370 Business Marketing
MKT 380 Selling
MKT 390 Sports Marketing
PHI 310 Business Ethics
QNT 210 Business Statistics
PRO 310 Productions & Operation Management
QNT 220 Quantitative Analysis

Fashion & luxury goods merchandising (electives)

This is a new concentration. This section will be updated as course numbers, descriptions and syllabi become available.

MKTG 415 Inside the Fashion Revolution
MKTG 242 Intercultural Luxury Consumer Behavior
FASH 120 Sales Techniques for Luxury Brands
FASH 111 Luxury Sensory Marketing (Merchandising)
BLAW 105 Introduction to International Business Law (for Retail)
ARTS 111 History of Arts, Literature & Music
FASH 110 Creativity & Innovation in Fashion Luxury
MKTG 210 Principals of Marketing
Introduction to Accounting & Internal Audit (for Retail)
Promotion and Event Management for Luxury Brands
Luxury Cross Channel Marketing
Luxury Brand Management
Advanced Client Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty for Luxury Brands
Luxury Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Sourcing & Purchasing
International Negotiation
CSR, Ethics, Licensing, Regulations, Intellectual Property
Luxury Goods & Service Marketing
International Team Performance Management
Professional Project: Analysing a Market & Planning a Product/Service Launch

French language & general education (electives)

ART 110 Impressionism
ART 120 Post-Impressionism
ENG 101 Academic Methodology
ENG 110 Critical Reading & Writing I
ENG 120 Critical Reading & Writing II
ENG 130 Communication Techniques/Speech
ENG 210 Advanced Critical Thinking I
ENG 220 Advanced Critical Thinking II
ENG 311 American Writers in Paris
ENG 494 Post World War II French Cinema and Society
FRE 110-120 Elementary French
FRE 210-220 Intermediate French
FRE 250-260 Advanced French
GER 110 Intermediate German I
GER 120 Intermediate German I
HIS 210 American History I
HIS 220 American History II
HIS 344 Nation, Race and Citizenship: America and France
HIS 431 History of Modern France
MAT 101 Basic Mathematics
MAT 110 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MAT 120 Calculus
MGT 110 Intercultural Studies
POL 210 International Relations
POL 333A The Anthropology of Tourism
POL 333 Global Cities- Paris
PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology
SCI 110 Environmental Science


Students interested in a professional experience in Paris must enroll in the academic year Study & Work program, which combines courses with a paid internship. Visit the Study & Work page for more information.

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Credit & transcripts
  • Credit and transcripts are issued by ABS (accredited in France) and SUNY Old Westbury (accredited in the USA).

University The Institut de Gestion Sociale (IGS) is one of France's most dynamic private universities. IGS consists of 10 schools and over 3,000 students, mostly French. KEI students study at the American Business School (ABS), a unit of IGS. Small class size, diversity and tolerance create a learning environment for cross-cultural exchange and understanding.