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ITALY Florence
My study abroad in Italy was the best experience. I studied at the top design school and lived in the fashion center of Europe. I was surrounded by people from different countries who were serious about fashion and design. I would recommend this program for sure!

Emma Trindel
SUNY Oneonta

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FLORENCE: Semester & year    MILAN: Summer

Academics: semester & year

The semester and academic year curriculum focuses on Italian fashion design, styling and merchandising. Courses are offered at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Florence campus. Students can enroll in a maximum of 15 credits (5 courses) per semester. Each course is 3 semester credits. Click on a course title to view the description and download syllabus.

Required courses

Students must enroll in the Made in Italy. Academic year students have to take these courses only during their first semester of study.

Made in Italy

Fall Semester: elective courses

Fashion Communication & Public Relations
Fashion Advanced Communication
Fashion Events
Sociology of Culture (for Fashion)
Interaction Design in Retail
Digital Art & Fashion
Trend Forecasting
History of Fashion Photography

Spring Semester: elective courses

Introduction to Fashion Events
Fashion Communication
Digital Communication I (in Fashion)
Digital Communication II (in Fashion)
Fashion Materials
Semiotics for Fashion
Visual Language (in Fashion)
Visual Merchandising
Fashion Styling
Digital Events (in Fashion)
Fashion History
Modern Fashion History
Video Language (in Fashion)
Fashion Writing

Credit & transcripts Credit and transcripts issued by the Istituto Europeo di Design (accredited in Italy). Transcripts are also issued by SUNY Oneonta or Lincoln University (both accredited in USA).

University The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), founded in 1966, is considered one of the top design schools in Europe. IED offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fashion, graphic, interior, product, industrial and architectural design. IED is a multi-campus institution with locations in Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Turin, Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Each campus consists of state-of-the-art facilities that students can utilize for project work.