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ITALY Florence & Milan
My study abroad in Italy was the best experience. I studied at the top design school and lived in the fashion center of Europe. I was surrounded by people from different countries who were serious about fashion and design. I would recommend this program for sure!

Emma Trindel
SUNY Oneonta

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Student life

There is plenty to do and see in Italy. Both Florence and Milan host many plays, concerts and sporting events. There are numerous museums of contemporary, Baroque and Renaissance art, including one (in Milan) housing Leonardo daVinci's most famous painting, The Last Supper. If you need a break from Milan and Florence, there are several picturesque small villages within an hour's train ride of both cities.


In Florence and Milan, students live in furnished apartments. Apartments consist of a living area, kitchen, 2 to 4 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy.

Students can prepare meals in their apartment or dine out at one of many cafes and restaurants throughout Florence and Milan. Living in Italy provides a great opportunity to learn how to cook Italian-style using healthful ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. Grocery stores and open-air markets can be found throughout each city.

Getting around town

Florence has a very walkable city center. Attractions, campus, restaurants, cafes, and markets are within a 10-25 minute walk. Make sure to take a map, though, as the streets wind and change names often! There is a bus system that runs through the city center and surrounding area. The train station is within walking distance from campus and housing, making surrounding towns in Tuscany and popular cities Italy within reach.

Milan has a highly developed system of underground subways, suburban rail, trams and buses. Passes and discounts are available for students. Taxis are readily available, but can only pick up at designated taxi stands or called by phone. Radiobus, a night service that crosses the line between taxis and buses, is a cheaper way to get around than taxis. The service is booked by phone an hour in advance.

Phones & internet

KEI will provide you with a prepaid mobile phone shortly after your arrival. The phone will have a small amount of credit to get you started. The Onsite Director will show you how to place calls and top-off your phone. Internet is available on campus. Some apartments also have Internet. There are plenty of internet caf├ęs in the city.

Onsite Director, Florence Onsite Director Caterina Bemer
(+39) 3496782941

Ciao! As a native of Florence, I look forward to sharing my favourite sites with students. I curate the Florence activity program to ensure you experience all aspects of Florentine culture. My academic studies focused on European literature and culture, and included a year of study in England. I know what it is like to live and study in a different country, and look forward to helping you transition to life in Florence.

Onsite Director, Milan Onsite Director Andrea Banfi

Hello. As a native of Italy, I am excited to share my love of Milan and Italian culture. As an alum of IED, I can share my experience and explain the educational system at the host institution. And as a design professional, I love chatting about the rich heritage and unique interpretation of Italian design. Do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions. I am always glad to assist you.