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My semester in Akita was amazing! Akita is perfect if you want to really experience the deep culture of Japan. The university is a great place to learn Japanese language and offers many courses in English with Japanese students. The KEI Director really helped us adjust to life in Japan. I really loved Akita.

Codi Groves
Point Loma Nazarene University

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Academics: semester & year

The academic curriculum offers intensive Japanese language and a wide selection of courses taught in English. Courses are offered at Akita International University (AIU). Credit and transcripts are issued by AIU (accredited in Japan) and Marist College (accredited in the USA). The academic year at AIU starts with the Spring semester followed by Fall semester. Students can enroll in up to 15 credits during the Spring and Fall semester, and up to 6 credits during the Winter semester. Note that the Winter semester is an add-on option for students participating in Fall semester and Fall-Spring consecutive terms (an additional fee applies). Use the Syllabus System below to find courses. Contact KEI if you need assistance.

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