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KENYA Nairobi
Kenya is a beautiful place and I would love to go back. The people were incredibly kind and generous. It was great to study in Kenya and travel to so many amazing places. There was a moment when I was sitting with friends and I turned and said "I think deciding to come here was the best decision of my life." I can't believe I ever considered not coming.

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Santa Clara University

Academics: trimester & year

The United States International University (USIU) academic calendar is divided into fall, spring and summer trimesters. A trimester is the same length as a semester. The academic year consists of fall and spring trimesters. The summer trimester is 31/2 months.

The curriculum offers courses, research, internships and community service. Students can enroll in a maximum of 16 credits per trimester. Most courses are 3 credits. Science and biomedical courses are 3 to 8 credits. Internships and research are 3 to 6 credits. Community service is not credit bearing.

Select courses from the the Class Schedule excel file, which can be downloaded from the Download File box to the right. Click on the academic concentrations below to view course descriptions and download syllabi. If a description and/or syllabus is not available on this website, contact KEI we will request it from USIU.


Business & Economics
Computer Sciences & Information Systems
Environment: Science, Policy & Management
Criminology, Forensics & Law
Foreign Languages & Cultural Studies
International Relations & Political Science
Communications: Journalism, Media & Advertising
Medicine, Health & Pharmacology
Psychology & Sociology
Tourism & Hospitality

Internships & community service

Internships (for-credit) and community service (not-for-credit) allow students to learn from practical experience not attainable in a classroom setting. Internships require a commitment of 120-400 hours (3-6 credits). Service does not have a minimum requirement. Since most internships are scheduled during the day, students may be limited to taking evening and Saturday classes.

Placement is based on professional interests and availability of positions in business, marketing, finance, hospitality, communications, journalism, environment, science, wildlife, social work and humanitarian aid. Note that internship placement in Nairobi is very challenging due to the professional culture and, as such, is not guaranteed. Students must select back-up courses in case placement cannot be confirmed. Contact KEI for more information about placement options.

Download files

Credit & transcripts Credit and transcripts for courses and internships issued by the United States International University (accredited in Kenya and USA).

University The United States International University is the first and largest private, secular university in Kenya. Since its establishment in 1969, USIU has earned a reputation as the top university in East Africa. The university is dually accredited by the Commission for Higher Education of Kenya and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in the USA.