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KENYA Nairobi
Kenya is a beautiful place and I would love to go back. The people were incredibly kind and generous. It was great to study in Kenya and travel to so many amazing places. There was a moment when I was sitting with friends and I turned and said "I think deciding to come here was the best decision of my life." I can't believe I ever considered not coming.

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Field Trips

KEI organizes cultural field trips in Nairobi, Mombassa and Western Kenya. KEI also plans wildlife safaris to Nairobi National Park and Maassai Mara (or another nature reserve). Transportation, lodging and admission for planed activities are included in the program fee. Below are the most commonly organized excursions and activities. KEI reserves the right to change planned excursions for destinations of equal value and interest. Excursions may change based on availability, local festivals and interest. Academic year and multiple term students participate on planned excursions during their first term of study.


Several day trips will be planned throughout Nairobi. During orientation you will be taken around the city, shown how to use public transport as well as a few local hotspots. A field trip Nairobi National Park, which is within city limits, will include an introduction to Kenya’s amazing wildlife. The park boasts great wildlife viewing juxtaposed against the city skyline of Nairobi. Lastly, a field trip to the Bomas of Kenya will educate you about the many tribal customs, living and traditional dances of Kenya.


Mombasa is the major port center of Kenya, and has been ruled by the Portuguese, Arabs and British. As such, it enjoys a thriving intercultural atmosphere. A visit to Fort de Jesus as well as Old Town will give students a history lesson of this diverse and exciting city. Although it is not part of a planned activity, many students take time to visit the beach - which is one of the best in Africa.

Maasai Mara

This large nature reserve is adjacent to the Serengeti national reserve in Tanzania, and is home to the Maasai people. They are the original inhabitants of the area as well as much of Kenya and have resisted most efforts to modernize. Traditional Maasai life is centered around their cattle, which are the main source of wealth and food. The nature reserve also has some of the most abundant wildlife in Africa. Up close encounters with elephant herds, lions, hippos, giraffes and other African wildlife will be a highlight of this excursion. Maasai Mara may be replaced with another wildlife park based on game migration.

Western Kenya

An excursion to Western Kenya is a must for students who are interested in getting a feel for typical Kenyan rural life. Destinations change each semester. Previously, field trips were organized to Lake Victoria, the home of President Obama’s Grandmother and local villages where students learn how to milk a cow and take care of other daily chores.

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