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SCOTLAND Edinburgh
I had the best time of my life and it was the epitome of my college experience. Excursions were great since I got to explore all over Scotland and the KEI Onsite Director was consistently helpful and attentive. Thank you KEI for making such a program affordable.

  Victoria Lepham
University of Houston
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Academics: semester & year

The semester and academic year curriculum offers courses in a wide range of academic disciplines. Most courses are equivelent to 4 semester credits in the USA. Download HWUCourseOfferings.pdf for the most updated list of courses offered during Fall (semester 1) and Spring (semester 2). The PDF file also contains hyper-links to course syllabi. Students must select courses offered on the same campus. Note that many courses above Level 1 have prerequisites that must be satisfied. If you are unsure about the prerequisites, speak with a KEI advisor.

Courses listed on this web page are for reference only and organized by schools at HWU. Click on a school to view the list of courses. Course descriptions are available for the majority of courses.

School of Management & Languages (SML)

SML is located on the Edinburgh Campus and offers courses in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Economics, Commerce Law, and Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies. Download SML Course Descriptions.pdf.

School of Textiles & Design (TEX)

TEX is located on the Scottish Borders Campus, approximately 60 minutes from Edinburgh, and offers courses in Apparel Construction, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Technology, and Interior Design. Download TEX Course Descriptions.pdf.

School of Life Sciences (SLS)

SLS is located on the Edinburgh Campus and offers courses in Biological Sciences (Brewing & Distilling, Cell & Molecular, Food & Beverage, Human Health, and Microbiology), and Psychology. Download SLS Course Descriptions.pdf.

School of Mathematics & Computer Science (MACS)

MACS is located on the Edinburgh Campus and offers courses in Mathemtics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems. Download MACS Course Descriptions.pdf.

School of Engineering & Physical Sciences (EPS)

EPS is located on the Edinburgh Campus and offers courses in Chemistry and Physics, and Chemical, Mechanical, Electric and Computer Engineering. Download EPS Course Descriptions.pdf.

School of Built Environment (SBE)

SBE is located on the Edinburgh Campus and offers courses in Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering, and Construction Management. Download SBE Course Descriptions.pdf.

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Credit & transcripts Credit and transcripts issued by the Heriot-Watt University (accredited in the United Kingdom) and Lincoln University (accredited in USA).

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU) is one of the highest ranked universities in Scotland and the United Kingdom. Established in 1821, HWU has gained a world-class reputation for teaching and research.
  • Beautiful campus, nearly 400 acres of parkland
  • Most diverse university in Scotland
  • 18,000 students from 150 countries
  • Leadership-focused education