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I studied Spanish in the USA, Central America and Spain, and in my opinion Burgos is the best location for Spanish immersion. Burgos was the capital of the Kingdom of Castile and the origin for Castilian Spanish. The city is full of historic landmarks from the Roman Empire, Middle Ages and Renaissance. Read more reviews...

  Riley Sklar
KEI Program Manager
BURGOS: Semester & year    BURGOS: Summer BARCELONA: Summer

Academics: semester & year

The semester and academic year curriculum offers courses and internships (professional, community service, etc.). Courses are offered at the University of Burgos (UBU) and Escuela de Espanol (EDE). Internships are organized at various companies, NGOs and hospitals.

Students can enroll in a maximum of 18 credits per semester. Most courses are the equivalent of 3 semester credits; courses with a laboratory are equivalent to 4 semester credits. Internships are 3 to 6 credits, depending on time commitment. The Spanish Society & Culture and Spanish Language courses are required.

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are taught in English. The other courses are taught in Spanish with English support, which includes tutoring, and academic materials and exams in English. These 'English-friendly' courses are a great way to improve Spanish proficiency while earning major-specific and general education credit. Students with advanced proficiency may also enroll in courses (not listed on this page) taught in Spanish without English support. Note that Fall semester courses may have final exams in January. Check with KEI before finalizing your Fall semester courses.)

Click on a course title to download the syllabus or view a description. If a syllabus is not available, contact a KEI Program Manager to request a syllabus.

Spanish language & area studies

Students can enroll in up to 3 Spanish language courses (taught in sequence) per semester.

Spanish Language - Beginner I
Spanish Language - Beginner II
Spanish Language - Intermediate I
Spanish Language - Intermediate II
Spanish Language - Advanced I
Spanish Language - Advanced II
Spanish Language for Heritage Students
Spanish Society & Culture
Independent Study in Spanish (Art, History and/or Literature)
Heritage of Castilla & Leon
Spanish Political System

Medicine, health & nutrition

Public Health in Spain
Mathematics I
Mathematics II
Food Science
Food Composition
Abiotic Toxicology of Foods

General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry I
Inorganic Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Inorganic Chemistry III
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry III: Organic Synthesis
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Analytical Chemistry
Separation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
Chemometrics & Experimentation in Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry I: Quantum Mechanic
Physical Chemistry II: Spectroscopy and Statistical Thermodynamics
Physical Chemistry III: Thermodynamic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry IV: Chemical Kinetics
Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Numerical Analysis & Applied Statistics
Instrumental Analysis
Mechanics & Thermodynamics
Unit Operations Laboratory
Electromagnetism, Quantum Physics & Optics
Chemical Engineering I
Chemical Engineering II
Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Instrumental Analysis
Materials Science
Projects in Chemistry
Multidisciplinary Studies in Chemistry

Business & Economics

Financial Economics*
International Business Management*
Corporate Social Responsibility*
Financial Analysis & Planning*
Introduction to Accounting*
Statistics & Econometrics*
Fundamentals of Marketing*
Human Resource Management*

INT 411 Internships & community service

Internships (for-credit) and community service (not-for-credit) allow students to learn from practical experience not attainable in a classroom setting. Internships require a minimum commitment of 120 hours (3 credits), but can be extended to 240 hours (6 credits). Community service does not have a minimum time requirement.

Placement is based on professional interests. Positions are available in business, medicine, health and public service. Below is a list of possible placements. Actual placement may be at a different company or organization.

  • Museum of Human Evolution
  • Burgos Chamber of Commerce
  • Fabricados Histron S.L.
  • Burgos Acoge NGO
  • Softeca
  • Hotel Almirante Bonifaz
  • Hospital Universitario de Burgos
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Credit & transcripts Credit and transcripts for courses and internships issued by Lincoln University (accredited in USA).

University This program is organized under the International Knowledge Center (IKC), a partnership between KEI, UBU and EDE. Program participants take major-specific courses at UBU, and Spanish language and studies courses at EDE.