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Burgos & Barcelona
I studied Spanish in the USA, Central America and Spain, and in my opinion Burgos is the best location for Spanish immersion. Burgos was the capital of the Kingdom of Castile and the origin for Castilian Spanish. The city is full of historic landmarks from the Roman Empire, Middle Ages and Renaissance. Read more reviews...

  Riley Sklar
KEI Program Manager

Student life

Spain is a privileged country peppered with historic landmarks, natural spaces, entertainment venues, festivals and cafes. Students are encouraged to explore their host city and the rest of Spain.

Housing & meals

In Burgos students live at Residencia Universitaria Camino de Santiago or Residencia Universitaria de San Agustin, depending on availability. Residencia Camino de Santiago is located near the University of Burgos. Residencia de San Agustín is located near EDE and downtown Burgos. Both residences consist of a study area, lounges, recreational areas, student cafeteria and bedrooms. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy and shared with Spanish and international students. A meal plan (3 meals per day) at the residence cafeteria is included with the program fee.

In Barcelona students live at the Melon District Residence or apartments, depending on availability. The Melon District Residence is located in the Marina neighbourhood near the beach. The Residence has a lounge and recreational area. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy, although some rooms may be triple-occupancy. Apartments vary in size and arrangement, but all have equipped kitchens, washing machine, sitting room, one to two bathrooms, and one to three bedrooms. Most bedrooms are double occupancy, but some may be single- and triple-occupancy. Meals are not included in Barcelona.

Homestay in Burgos and Barcelona may be arranged based on interest and availability. Living with a host family is a great way to become better acquainted with Spanish customs and practice your Spanish language. Students are expected to communicate with their family in Spanish, although most have at least one member who speaks a little English. Families are carefully screened by the KEI Onsite Directors. Some families offer partial meals, while others do not.

Getting around town

Burgos and Barcelona are easy cities navigate. Buses are the primary mode of transportation around town. Taxis are available throughout both cities. A taxi can be hailed on the street and at taxi stands, or reserved by phone. Barcelona also has a Metro with 5 lines identified by different numbers and colors.

Phones & internet

KEI will provide a prepaid mobile phone handset shortly after arrival in Spain. The KEI Onsite Director will explain how to use the phone. The phone will have a small amount of credit to get you started. Additional minutes can be purchased at numerous convenient stores. Internet is available at EDE and residence hall.

BURGOS: Onsite Coordinator Onsite Coordinator Miguel Angel Lopez
Burgos, Spain

Miguel Angel earned a BA in Modern Languages and speaks Spanish, English and French. He lived in the UK and Canada during his undergraduate studies. Miguel Angel loves travelling and learning about other countries and cultures. He is a friendly person eager to show students the Spanish culture and way of life.

BURGOS: Onsite Director Onsite Director Ricardo Porres Ortega
Burgos, Spain

Ricardo is a native of Burgos and has extensive knowledge of the city. In addition to serving as the KEI Onsite Director, Ricardo is the Director of Escuela de Espanol which hosts 300 international students each year. Prior to opening EDE, he was a lecturer at the University of Burgos for many years. His experience working with international students and his warm personality are an asset to the program. Ricardo works closely with Miguel Lopez to help students adapt to life and study in Spain.

BARCELONA: Onsite Director Onsite Director Leon Parris
Barcelona, Spain


My story is one we've all heard before... Boy is born in London, England. Boy becomes a professional dancer at the tender age of 7, then an actor, a singer and eventually a professional theatre writer and composer. Boy meets girl and visits Barcelona ten years ago for what was meant to be a quick city break. Boy sells all his belongings and moves to Barcelona. The rest is history. Literally. Boy married girl and had a baby boy.

I have been working as a historical and renaissance tour guide in Barcelona. Experience that will surely come in handy with students. I look forward to helping students make their experience in Barcelona unforgettable.