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TANZANIA Dar es Salaam
Things are great in Tanzania! My host family is welcoming and accommodating, and the same goes for the KEI Director). I am having a lot of fun and meeting great friends. Thank you very much for all your help and patience in making all this happen. I really appreciate everything KEI has done for me. Coming here is nothing short of a dream I had for years.

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Salisbury University

Student life

Tanzanians like to spend their free time eating with friends, going to the beach, listening to music and dancing. Bongo Flava is a Tanzanian music style that blends Swahili lyrics with all sorts of dialects, melodies, beats, rhythms and sound. In recent years, this style has become very popular in Tanzania and East Africa. Many nightclubs in Dar es Salaam mix Bongo, hip-hop and other musical styles.

Housing & meals

Students live with host families. All families live in safe neighborhoods and screened by the KEI Onsite Director. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy. Students have access to the bathroom, kitchen and living area, which are shared with the family. Meals are provided by the family.

Living with a host family allows students to immerse in Tanzanian culture and life. Swahili language acquisition is also enhanced through regular communication with the family. Families also serve as useful resources for cultural and social activities in Dar es Salaam.

Getting around town

The most common form of public transportation in Dar are the Daladalas - privately operated mini-vans. These vans drive a specific route with the start and ending point clearly marked on the front of the vehicle. You can get on and off anywhere along the route by simply yelling out, "Shusha!" (pronounced SHOO-sha). Daladalas' popularity is due to the low cost, around 400 Tzs per ride. Taxis are also readily available. Fares are negotiated before getting in the car.

Phones & internet

KEI will provide a prepaid mobile phone shortly after arrival in Dar es Salaam. The KEI Onsite Director will explain how to use the phone. The phone will have a small amount of credit to get you started. Additional minutes can be purchased at numerous convenience stores.

Some, but not all, families have Internet at home. The best option is to purchase a wireless modem at the nearby mall. Modems cost around $30 and will provide Internet access in most locations in Dar.

Onsite Director Onsite Director Benjamin Ksongo
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


I am the Onsite Director as well as a Swahili teacher. I have extensive experience working with international students and I am here to help you have a wonderful experience while in Tanzania. We will be meeting on a regular basis and I will be available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

It brings me joy to teach students my culture and language, and to help students explore the country I call home. I will be organizing various activities and field trips throughout the program to enhance your experience. Tanzania is a very friendly, beautiful, and vibrant country, which I hope you will come to consider a second home while you are here.

Karibu Tanzania!