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TURKEY Istanbul
Bahcesehir is by far the best university in Istanbul for an American student to study. It is a dynamic university with a wide variety of course offerings in English. And, it is located in a vibrant neighborhood on the shore of the Bosphorus. KEI has gone to great lengths to create a cultural program that will expose students to as much of Turkey and Turkish culture as possible!

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KEI Onsite Director


Istanbul, founded in 660 BC, straddles both Europe and Asia. Formerly known as Constantinople, the city served as the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires. Archeological and historic sites are abound - Hagia Sophia Church, Basilica Cister, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Roman Aqueduct are just a few examples. Today, Istanbul is the economic, cultural and historical center of Turkey.
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  • Study at Bahcesehir University (BAU)
  • Turkish language and culture course
  • Wide selection of major-specific courses (taught in English)
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities
  • Maximum of 18 credits per semester and 9 credits during summer
  • Transcripts issued by BAU (accredited in Turkey) and/or an accredited university in the USA (see Academics page)
  • Cultural field trips in Istanbul, Princes' Island, Izmir and Ephesus
  • Affordable inclusive program fee
  • Predeparture advising and planning
  • KEI Onsite Director and 24/7 support

Semester & year concentrations

  • Architecture & Built Environment
  • Business, Law & Diplomacy
  • Computer & Software Engineering
  • Industrial & Product Design
  • Journalism, Communications & Media
  • Pre-Medicine, Health & Nutrition
  • Psychology, Sociology & Behavior
  • Science, Mathematics & Engineering
  • Turkish Language & Regional Studies
  • Visual Media & Film

Summer concentrations

  • Turkish Language & Regional Studies (with optional Internship)


  • Academic Year (early September to mid June)
  • Fall Semester (early September to mid December)
  • Spring Semester (early January to mid June)
  • Summer Session (mid June to mid July)
  • Summer with Internship (mid June to mid August)

Program contacts Julie Pollard
Director, Program Operations
1.800.831.5095 ext. 2

R. Brooks Emerson
Onsite Director, Istanbul

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