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Hands-on experience!

Are you interested in an internship, research, independent study and/or service learning? Most KEI programs offer experiential learning opportunities. Placement is based on interest and availability of positions. Academic credit is awarded based on number of contact hours and completion of academic requirements.


Internships allow students to test their knowledge against real-life situations and gain practical experience in an international setting. Depending on the program location, internships are available in business, marketing, finance, banking, information systems, multimedia development, network management, information systems, public relations, journalism, hospitality/tourism, international relations, translation, medicine, health, science, engineering and other professional areas. Internships are based on student needs, required skills, proficiency in a foreign language and the availability of positions.

Students must commit to a minimum of 120 hours, although some companies and organizations may require more hours. Students must also complete academic requirements, including daily journal, term paper or project. Credit is awarded based on contact hours completed - 1 credit for every 40 hours. Read the Internship Guide for more information.

Research & independent study

Research and independent study is organized with faculty and researchers at KEI's host universities. At most program locations, research can be organized in natural and social sciences. Independent study can be organized in most academic disciplines. Research and independent study is awarded 3 credits, but may be extended to 6 or 9 credits.

Service learning

KEI teamed up with the International Partnership for Service Learning and Leadership (IPSL) to offer service learning opportunities in Turkey, Tanzania and England. IPSL is a recognized provider of service learning programs. Service learning projects involve hands-on and academic components. Students who choose to engage in service learning are monitored by IPSL staff. Academic credit for service learning is awarded through IPSL.

Community service

Community service is ideal for students who want a hands-on experience with a flexible schedule. Depending on the program location, community service is available in social works, humanitarian aid, education, business, public relations, journalism, hospitality/tourism, international relations, translation, medicine and health. There is no academic component and no minimum time commitment. Community service is not-for-credit. Students interested in earning credit should select one of the other experiential learning options.
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