Executive & Management Team

Eduard Mandell
President & Managing Director

As the founder of KEI, Eduard is the one with the vision for creating programs that focus on academic and professional disciplines. Born in the former USSR, he has a passion for international education and cross-cultural exchange.

Alcidean Arias
Associate Director, Institutional Relations

As a former Director of Education Abroad at Truman State University, Alci understands the importance of exploring different cultures. She is a first generation college graduate, studied abroad in Costa Rica, and a strong advocate of education abroad for all students.

Dr. Duleep Deosthale
Chairman, Academic Board

The very definition of a world educator, Duleep speaks many languages and serves on the boards of professional study abroad organizations, international companies and NGOs. He has been working in the field for more years than he would like to admit. Before joining KEI, Duleep served as Dean of International Education at Marist College and Director of Education Abroad at the University of Alabama – Birmingham.

Monique Ramirez
Program Specialist

Monique studied abroad with KEI in Ireland and Thailand for an academic year and served as a KEI Ambassador after returning to the USA. Monique is a great resource for students as they prepare for the experience abroad.

Damiano Cuneo
Program Specialist

Damiano studied abroad twice with KEI in Moscow and returned to Russia post-graduation as a KEI Onsite Coordinator for a research program in Puschino. We are glad Damiano rejoined KEI to advise and support future students.

Sol Kodsi
Legal & Risk Management Counsel

Sol has been practicing law in New York for more than 20 years and providing counsel to KEI’s executive team since 1998. Sol has traveled throughout the world and enjoys being part of an organization that allows students to experience new cultures.

Onsite Directors

Ann Wadsworth
Onsite Director (Brisbane & Gold Coast, Australia)

Originally from Boston, Ann studied abroad in Australia in 1990 and loved it so much she returned to live and work! Ann works closely with the KEI Onsite Assistant to organize orientation, cultural field trips and support students during the program.

Emily Guo Ying
Onsite Director (Beijing, China)

Emily believes that everyone will find China to be a beautiful country filled with history, excitement and friendly people. Emily works closely with the KEI Onsite Assistant to organize the orientation, cultural field trips and support KEI students.

Javier Trejo-Sainz
Onsite Director (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Javier has over 30 years of experience managing study abroad programs. Papa Javier, as many students like to refer to him, coordinates the program and assists students during their stay in Costa Rica.

Primavera Velásquez Fuentes
Onsite Director (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Primavera is a native of Guayaquil and loves to share her culture with students. She studied abroad in the USA and looks forward to assisting KEI students in Ecuador. Her warm personality helps students feel at home in Guayaquil.

Susannah Kyte
Onsite Director (London, England)

Susannah is originally from California. She first came to England in 1992 as a study abroad student. While attending Oxford, she met her husband and moved to England. Her favourite aspect of London is the variety in life, color, food and culture.

Dr. Daniele Katz
Onsite Director (Paris, France)

Since she also teaches the French Civilization course at ABS, Daniele is the perfect person to introduce students to Paris. Wise and generous, she tries to make every student’s Parisian experience memorable.

Olwyn Mannix
Regional Director (Dublin, Ireland)

Olwyn is a native of Ireland. Olwyn worked as a tour operator for seventeen years, giving her intricate knowledge of and insights into Ireland and Europe.

Caterina Bemer
Onsite Director (Florence, Italy)

Caterina is familiar with transitioning to a new country. She studied abroad in Germany and the USA while pursuing a degree in translation and library science in Florence.

Cecilia B. Ikeguchi
Onsite Director (Tokyo, Japan)

Cecilia is originally from the Philippines but has lived and worked in Japan for many years. Prior to joining KEI, Cecilia taught at Tsukuba Gakuin University and Chaired the International Relations Committee. She also lived in the USA and taught at the University of Minnesota as a visiting professor. Cecilia is looking forward to welcoming students to Tokyo.

Patrick Mulindi
Onsite Director (Nairobi, Kenya)

Students say Patrick is the best part of going to Nairobi, and we couldn’t agree more. Patrick’s warm and friendly personality help students settle into Kenyan life and culture.

Nancy Yanez Olarte
Onsite Director (Cuzco, Peru)

Nancy was born and raised in Cusco and lived in Lima for many years. She has diverse professional experience, which is beneficial to her position as Onsite Director. Sharing her love of Peru with students brings joy to her life.

Maria Patricia Dongo Soria Champin
Onsite Director (Lima, Peru)

Patricia was born and raised in Peru, but she lived for many years in North American, South America and Europe. She speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French. Patricia enjoys interacting with students and showing-off her country.

Dr. Marina Rozina
Onsite Director (Moscow, Russia)

Marina is knowledgeable about American and Russian cultures and educational systems, having worked as the Onsite Director in Moscow for more than 17 years – first for the State University of New York (Albany) and now for KEI.

Onsite Director (Edinburgh & Galashiels, Scotland)

Jenny is a native of Scotland and worked in hospitality most of her life. She also served as a program director for another organization prior to joining KEI, giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience working with study abroad students. Jenny is both professional and freindly, and looking forward to welcoming students to Scotland.

Ricardo Ortega
Onsite Director (Burgos, Spain)

Ricardo is a native of Burgos and has extensive knowledge of the city. His experience working with international students and his warm personality are an asset to the program. Ricardo works closely with Antonina to help students adapt to life in Spain.

Marisa Vinitketkumnuan
Onsite Director (Bangkok, Thailand)

Marisa was born in Illinois but moved to Thailand when she was 6. She earned Bachelor and Master degrees from Chiang Mai University, and worked at Stamford University before joining KEI. Marisa looks forward to helping students make the most of Thailand.

Adel Amer
Onsite Director (Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates)

Dr. Amer had a storied career prior to joining KEI – first as a media personality in Egypt then as a Professor of Arabic at the University of Georgia. During his tenure at UGA, Adel served on KEI’s Arabic Steering Committee, which was instrumental in developing the KEI program in the UAE.  Students will find Adel to be very knowledgeable, resourceful, and caring.