Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and diverse countries in Latin America. There are over 10,000 identified species of plants, 850 species of birds, 800 species of butterflies, and 500 species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Costa Rican Spanish is said to be among the easiest to understand, and makes an ideal location for second language learners. San Jose, the capital, offers a multitude of cultural activities including theaters, museums, parks, and nearby nature reserves. Read more about San Jose and Costa Rica.

  • Study at Universidad Fidelitas (Fidelitas)
  • Intensive Spanish Language and Spanish studies courses
  • Maximum of 18 credits per semester
  • Managed by Northern Arizona University
  • Transcripts issued by Northern Arizona University (NAU; accredited in the USA)
  • Cultural field trips
  • Affordable inclusive program fee
  • Pre-departure advising and planning
  • Onsite Director and 24/7 support

Semester, year & summer concentrations

  • Spanish Language & Hispanic Studies
  • Business & Spanish Language (Spring only)
  • Internships & Community Service


  • Academic Year (late August to late April)
  • Fall Semester (late August to mid December)
  • Spring Semester (mid January to late April)
  • Summer Session (late May to late June)

This program is managed by Northern Arizona University (NAU). NAU manages the enrollment process, pre-departure advising and on-site services.