The Knowledge Exchange Institute was founded in 1997 on the belief that study abroad should go beyond liberal arts education and cultural exchange to include discipline-specific studies and professional development.

From the beginning, KEI worked to develop affordable comprehensive programs that integrate courses, internships and cultural interaction. Our goal was, and continues to this day, to provide education abroad programs that allow students to complete major-specific and general education requirements, gain practical experience and enhance their understanding of the world through cultural and social immersion.

KEI’s “Medicine, Health and Nutrition Program” and the “Science, Mathematics and Engineering Program” at Moscow State University in Russia were opened in the fall of 1998. Since then, KEI has expanded its offerings to more than 25 program concentrations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe. We continue to develop programs around the world.

KEI also expanded its scope to include a wider range of academic disciplines and professional areas. KEI now offers programs that focus on business, economics, international relations, foreign languages, regional studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, environmental studies, communications, journalism, media, visual arts, performing arts, graphic design and fashion design as well as science, math, engineering, medicine, health and computer science. KEI continues to expand its offerings to include other academic majors and professions.

While it has not always been easy, our mission, goals and values have not wavered. We are committed to providing affordable programs that are distinguished by quality personalized service as well as academic and professional opportunities.


As Founder and President, I want to thank you for considering KEI programs.

As a science student, I was unable to find programs focusing on my academic and professional interests. This provided the motivation to develop programs that offer a wide selection of major-specific courses and internships. In addition, students can take courses in foreign languages, regional studies and liberal arts.

We are dedicated to providing high quality programs at an affordable price. KEI fees are lower than other programs in the same locations with similar inclusions. In addition, KEI offers grants and interest-free payment plans.

KEI staff shares my vision of international education and has extensive experience abroad. We hope to welcome you on a KEI program.

Eduard Mandell