CHINA: Beijing


Beijing is a fun and exciting city with many entertainment and recreational opportunities. Students will find everything from historic sites and museums to, theaters, night clubs, cafes, and much much more.In addition to KEI-organized cultural activities and field trips, students are encouraged to participate in campus clubs and events. The International Student Union organizes cultural and sport activities throughout the semester. UIBE holds open lectures on Chinese calligraphy, opera and drama, martial arts, and other topics. There are various sports facilities on campus including a swimming pool, football field, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc. Table tennis, pool-tables and a gym are located in Huibin House Residence Hall.

Housing & meals

  • Students live at the International Student Residence on campus.
  • Rooms are double occupancy and shared with other students studying at UIBE.
  • Each room has a bathroom, TV and telephone.
  • UIBE has a dining hall that serves standard Chinese food.
  • Meals in the dining hall are relatively inexpensive – RMB 10-20 ($1.50 – $3).
  • The campus also has a cafe for snacks and drinks, and two restaurants offering Middle Eastern/Mediterranean and western-style cuisine.
  • A wide variety of restaurants are available near the university and throughout Beijing. An average meal at a Chinese restaurant is approximately RMB 20-40 ($3-$6).
  • There is a supermarket and several grocery stores near the campus.

Getting around town

The Underground Dragon (metro) is the best way of traveling quickly within Beijing. The bus and trolley system is also convenient with more than 130 routes. There is a bus stop outside the university main gate.Taxis and bicycles are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. The standard taxi is approximately $1.50 initial fee plus $1 for every 10 km. Bicycles are VERY popular in Beijing as well as in the rest of China. There are numerous bike-rental stores in the streets around hotels and tourist spots.


Emily Guo Ying
Beijing, China

Hello. I’ve been an Onsite Director for KEI since 2011. My aim is to ensure that you have a positive and safe experience in China. My main role is to administer and oversee the program logistics and services. I work closely with my Onsite Assistant, whom you will meet when you arrive in Beijing, to organize your orientation, field trips and cultural activities. I look forward to meeting you in Beijing.