Semester & Academic Year

The semester and academic year curriculum offer intensive Spanish Language and Hispanic studies courses. Optional business courses are offered during the Spring semester. Students may enroll in up to 5 courses per semester. Courses are taught by the faculty of Northern Arizona University (NAU) and held at Universidad Fidelitas (Fidelitas). Internships are available for qualified students.

Spanish Language & Regional Studies Courses

Spanish language classes consist of no more than 6 students to enhance the learning process.

SA201 Introduction to Central American Culture & Civilization (3 credits)
SPA101 First Year Spanish I (4 credits)
SPA102 First Year Spanish II (4 credits)
SPA201 Second Year Spanish I (4 credits)
SPA202 Second Year Spanish II (4 credits)
SPA301 Advanced Spanish Grammar (3 credits)
SPA303 Intermediate Oral Communication (3 credits)
SPA304w Spanish Stylistics: Intermediate Composition (3 credits)
SPA310 Commercial Spanish (3 credits)
SPA321 Introduction to Literature in Spanish (3 credits)
SPA323 Spanish Study Abroad in Costa Rica [Spanish Oral Communication] (3 credits)
SPA323 Spanish Study Abroad in Costa Rica [Latin American Culture & Civilization] (3 credits)
SPA340 Spanish Linguistics (3 credits)
SPA352 Survey of Spanish-American Literature (3 credits)
SPA354 Survey Of Latin American Film (3 credits)
SPA404 Advanced Spanish Oral & Written Communications (3 credits)
SPA406 Latin-American Culture & Civilization (3 credits)
SPA423 Advanced Study Abroad (3 credits)

Business Courses

During the Spring semester, NAU offers 2 to 3 business courses taught in English. Below is a list of the most commonly offered courses. Students may enroll in 2 to 3 business courses plus up to 3 Spanish language courses. A business course will open if there are 8 or more interested students. Note that business course offerings may change. Confirm with KEI prior to getting courses approved for credit at your home university. There is a supplemental fee for business courses.

ECO284 Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits)
Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)
MGT101 Introduction to Business (3 credits)
MGT405 International Management (3 credits)
FIN190 Personal Finance in a Global Economy (3 credits)
ECO399 International Trade (3 credits)
Cross Cultural Management

Internships & community service

Internships (for-credit) and community service (not-for-credit) allow students to learn from practical experience not attainable in a classroom setting. Internships require a commitment of 150 hours (3 credits). Service does not have a minimum requirement. Placement is based on professional interests. Positions are available in the following professional fields.

Public Relations
Teaching English
Humanitarian Aidt

For more information, download:

Experiential Learning Guide
Internship syllabus


Credit and transcripts for courses and internships issued by the Northern Arizona University (accredited in USA).


Universidad Fidelitas is a private university with approximately 4,500 students. Fidelitas offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, business, law, marketing, accounting, and education.