Universidad Fidelitas is a medium sized private university with a student population of 4,500. The main Campus is located in San Pedro, an area of San Jose recognized for its many universities serving a community of approximately 25,000 national and international students. Well known and respected throughout Costa Rica, Fidelitas offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, business, law, marketing, accounting, and education.

Teaching & grading

Spanish language courses are taught using the immersion style. Spanish Speaking, Grammar, Comprehension and Composition courses are designed as a unit, each reinforcing the other. Although courses follow a USA-based syllabus, since most of the professors are Ticos the teaching style may differ from universities in the USA.Students are graded based on their performance in class, their ability to complete all coursework on time and exams and/or papers. Excessive absences will not be tolerated. Students may not take an exam earlier or later than scheduled without explicit permission from the professor. For most courses, the final grade is based on:

  • class participation
  • mid-term examination
  • final examination
  • quizzes and/or projects