KENYA: Nairobi


Nairobi is a fun and exciting city with many entertainment and recreational opportunities. Students will find everything from historic sites, museums, theaters, nightclubs, cafes, shopping malls and much more.

In addition to KEI-organized cultural activities and field trips, students are encouraged to fully participate in campus life. There are 31 campus clubs on campus and 19 sports teams; all open to KEI students. The Student Council organizes cultural and travel events throughout the semester. There are various sports facilities on campus including a soccer field, track, basketball court, and modern gym with weights, aerobics, dance, and martial arts classes. Table tennis, pool tables and TV rooms are located in the Residence Hall.

Housing & meals

  • Students live in the university residence halls, called hostels.
  • Rooms are double occupancy and shared with other students studying at UISU.
  • Each room has 2 beds, desks, and wardrobes.
  • Four rooms share a bathroom.
  • USIU has a comprehensive dining hall that serves standard Kenyan food.
  • Students may purchase a campus meal plan for the semester (approximately $450).  Many students prefer the flexibility of eating on and off campus.
  • A cafe and a small market for snacks are located next to the hostels.
  • Wide variety of restaurants are available near the campus. The average meal is approximately KSH 100-600 ($1-$6).

Getting around town

Matatus, privately owned minibusses, are the main form of mass transit in Nairobi. Matatus are convenient and inexpensive. Larger City Hoppa buses are also available but tend to run on limited routes. Uber and other car-sharing services are available throughout the city.

USIU provides a shuttle service between campus and downtown Nairobi. The cost of the shuttle is included in your KEI program fee. The shuttle operates on the hour during the week and a few times a day on the weekend. Taxis are available and relatively inexpensive, fares are typically settled by negotiation.


Patrick Mulindi
Nairobi, Kenya

Jambo! I have been the Onsite Director for KEI since the program was organized in 2004. I am a native of Kenya and professor of hospitality and Tourism at USIU. While you are here, I hope to show you all that Kenya has to offer. We will be meeting on a regular basis and I will be available 24/7 in case of an emergency.Before joining USIU and KEI, I worked in Kenya’s travel industry. As such I am very familiar with the best ways to get around and see this beautiful country. I will be organizing various activities and field trips throughout the program to enhance your experience. I hope to show you the incredible beauty, excitement, history, culture and hospitality of my home. Karibu Kenya!