PERU: Cuzco & Lima


CUZCO: Semester, Academic Year & Summer
LIMA: Semester & Academic Year

The semester and summer curriculum in Cuzco offers courses, internships and community service. Courses are offered at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL). Internships and community service are organized at various businesses, clinics, NGOs and humanitarian organizations. Students can enroll in a maximum of 15 credits per semester and 7 credits per summer session.


Courses listed on this page are offered each semester and summer. A course will open if 8 or more students enroll. Select a subject area and click on a course title to download syllabus.

Art & Architecture

Each course is 3 credits.

Art & Design in Cusco (in English)
Inca Architecture (in English)
Photography in Cusco (in English)

Business & Entrepreneurship

Each course is 3 credits.

Business in Peru and Latin America (in English)
Entrepreneurship (in English)
Project Management (in English)
Leadership & Communication (in English)
Global Business Strategy (in English)
International Business (in English)
International Marketing (in English)

Liderazgo Organizacional (in Spanish)
Espíritu Emprendedor (in Spanish)
Investigación de Mercados Internacional (in Spanish)


Each course is 3 credits.

Communication Psychology (in English)
Comunicación Intercultural (in Spanish)


Each course is 3 credits.

Biodiversity of Peru (in English)
Environmental Sciences (in English)
Socio-environmental Conflicts (in English)
Gestión Ambiental (in Spanish)

Health & Nutrition

Each course is 3 credits.

Healing and Shamanism in Andean and Amazonian Cultures (in English)
Andean Nutrition (in English)

Spanish & Quechua Language

Spanish language courses are 6 credits during the semester and 4 credits during the summer. All other courses are 3 credits. 

Español Elemental
Español Preintermedio
Español Intermedio
Español Avanzado
Literatura Latinoamericana (in Spanish)
Lenguaje y Sociedad (in Spanish)

Tourism & Gastronomy

Each course is 3 credits.

History of Peruvian Cuisine (in English)
Gastronomic Tourism in Cusco and Peru (in English)
Ecoturismo (in Spanish)
Geografía Turística y Territorio (in Spanish)

Politics & Development

Each course is 3 credits.

Gestión de la Cooperación Internacional (in Spanish)
Política Internacional Latinoamericana (in Spanish)

Internships & Community Service

Internships (for credit) and community service (not-for-credit) allow students to learn from practical experience not attainable in a classroom setting. Internships require a commitment of 120 to 200 hours (3 credits). Community service does not have a minimum hour requirement.

Examples of placements include, but not limitted to, St. John of God Clinic, Huillcapata School, Juvenile Home Maria Salome Ferro and Juvenile Home San Judas Chico. Placement is based on professional interests and availability. Positions are available in the following fields.

Inter-cultural Education
Environmental Care
Cultural Heritage
Crafts and Local Traditions
Health and Medicine
Social Welfare

For more information, download:

Experiential Learning Guide
Internship syllabus


Credit and transcripts issued by the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (accredited in Peru) and Lincoln University (accredited in USA)


Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL), founded in 1993, is an autonomous not for profit institution of higher learning. The university offers a comprehensive curriculum that is taught in Spanish and English. The academic community consists of 5,000 students and faculty, spread across three campuses in Lima and a satellite campus in Cuzco.