PERU: Cuzco & Lima


LIMA: Semester & Academic Year
CUZCO: Semester, Academic Year & Summer

The semester and academic year curriculum in Lima offers courses and community service. Courses are offered at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL). Community service (not for credit) is organized at various NGOs and humanitarian organizations. Students can enroll in a maximum of 15 credits per semester. Most courses are 3 credits.


This page lists courses taught in English. Select a subject area and click on a course title to download syllabus (if available). A Course Descriptions file is also available for download. Courses taught in Spanish are available and open to students with advanced language proficiency. Contact KEI for a list of courses taught in Spanish.

Business & Economics

International Business
International Operations
Global Management Skills
International Human Resources
International Trade I: Imports & Exports
Global Business Strategy
Global Understanding Seminar
Global Marketing
Globalization & National Reality

Management & Administration
Project Management
Administration for Business
Management Strategies
Quality Management
Business Management
Planning & Strategic Management

Distribution of Marketing Channels
Marketing Management
B2B Industrial Marketing
Planning & Marketing Management

Public Finances
International Finance

Business (General)
English for Business
Negotiation & Commercial Leadership
Monetary Theory

Peruvian Economy
Global Economy
General Economy
International Economy
Economic Engineering
Macro-economy & Business

General Electives

International Relations & Politics
International Communications
Political Communications
Evaluation of International Cooperation Projects

International Law
Legal English
Negotiation Techniques

Psychology & Social Science
Introduction to the Social Sciences
Psychology Communication
Human Development
Introduction to Psychotherapy
Communications Psychology
Orientation & Family Counseling

Public Speaking
Argumentation & Debate
Advanced Listening Skills
Advanced Reading & Writing

Architecture & Design
Planning & Urban Management
Exterior Photography
Design History

Highway Engineering
Ethics in Engineering
Planning & Control of Operations
Transportation Engineering
Writing for Engineering
Fundamentals of Project Management
Management of Innovations & Continuous Improvement
Project Management for Business Engineering

Computer Science & Informatics
Software Quality Management
Globalized Projects
IT Security
Emerging Technologies

Teaching English as a Second Language

Introduction to British Literature

Tourism, Hospitality & Gastronomy

Strategic Management for the Hospitality Industry
Hotel Marketing
Consulting (For Tourism & Hospitality)
Touristic Development
Tourism Marketing Management
Global Management Skills (for Hospitality)
Marketing of Food & Beverages
Garde Manager
Introduction to Wines
Gastronomic Tourism
European Cuisine I
European Cuisine II

Community Service

Community service (not-for-credit) allows students to learn from practical experience and engage with the local community. Community service does not have a minimum time requirement. Placement is based on student interests. Positions are available in humanitarian aid, child care and social care.

For more information, download:

Experiential Learning Guide


Credit and transcripts issued by the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (accredited in Peru) and Lincoln University (accredited in USA)


Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL), founded in 1993, is an autonomous not for profit institution of higher learning. The university offers a comprehensive curriculum that is taught in Spanish and English. The academic community consists of 5,000 students and faculty, spread across three campuses in Lima and a satellite campus in Cuzco.