SCOTLAND: Edinburgh & Galashiels


Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. From the Old Town’s medieval castle to the New Town’s neoclassical architecture, the city offers a constantly changing perspective. Edinburgh is a city of writers, artists and comedians. In the words of Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh is “a dream in masonry and living rock.” Galashiels, located an hour from Edinburgh, is at the heart of Scottish Borders. Galashiels traces its history to the tenth century, but grew in prominence in the nineteenth century due to its textile industry. Today, it is a cosmopolitan town full of pubs, cafes and restaurants. Read more about Scotland, Edinburgh and Galashiels (includes videos).

  • Study at Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
  • Wide selection of major-specific courses
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities
  • Maximum of 16 credits per semester
  • Transcripts issued by HWU (accredited in the UK) and Lincoln University (accredited in the USA)
  • Cultural field trips in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, the Highlands and Dublin
  • Affordable comprehensive program fee
  • Pre-departure advising and planning
  • KEI Onsite Director and 24/7 emergency support

Semester & year concentrations

  • Business & Economics
  • Computer Science & Information Systems
  • Engineering & Applied Science
  • Fashion: Design, Communications, Retail & Textiles
  • Foreign Languages & Area Studies
  • Life Science & Ecology
  • Medicine, Health & Nutrition
  • Physical Science & Mathematics
  • Psychology & Social Sciences
  • Sports: Science, Management & Training


  • Academic Year (early September to late May)
  • Fall Semester (early September to mid December)
  • Spring Semester (mid January to late May)