AUSTRALIA: Brisbane & Gold Coast


If you attend a KEI Affiliated university or college, you will receive a $1,000 Affiliate Grant towards a semester, trimester, quarter and academic year program. Note that the $1,000 Affiliate Grant does not apply to summer programs. Read the application deadlines and requirements before starting the application. Dates and fees in italics are tentative and subject to change. Check back periodically for updates. Consult with a KEI Program Manager before purchasing airline tickets.

TermArrival DateDeparture DatePriceApplication Status
Fall Trimester 202022 June 202022 October 2020$14,950Suspended
Winter Trimester 202023 October 202010 February 2021$14,950See notes below
Academic Year 202112 February 202121 October 2021$31,900Apply now
Spring Trimester 202112 February 20219 June 2021$15,950Apply now
Fall Trimester 202127 June 202120 October 2021$15,950Apply now
Winter Trimester 202120 October 202117 February 2022$15,950Apply now
Academic Year 202211 February 202219 October 2022$31,900Apply now
Spring Trimester 202211 February 20228 June 2022$15,950Apply now
Fall Trimester 202226 June 202219 October 2022$15,950Apply now
Winter Trimester 202220 October 202217 February 2023$15,950Apply now


  • The academic year in Australia starts with Spring (Trimester 1) and continues through Fall (Trimester 2).
  • The Winter Trimester is only open to students who participate in the Fall Trimester.
  • Students can live and study at the Nathan (Brisbane) or the Gold Coast campus. Note that a $1500 per trimester housing supplement may apply depending on the chosen housing option. Speak with a KEI Program Manager regarding housing options.
  • Certain courses at the South Bank campus have an additional lab/tutorial fee.
  • A $3,500 USD supplemental housing fee may be applied to the program fee if the Australian government mandates single-occupancy rooms due to COVID19.

Financial aid

KEI offers grants, payment plans and incentives to qualified students. KEI also accepts all forms of federal, state, institutional and external aid that can be used for education abroad. Examples of external aid that are applicable to programs in Australia include:

Visit the Financial Aid & Payments page to learn about additional scholarships and funding options for study abroad.