JAPAN: Tokyo


If you attend a KEI Affiliated university or college, you will receive a $1,000 Affiliate Grant towards a semester, trimester, quarter and academic year program. Note that the $1,000 Affiliate Grant does not apply to summer programs. Read the application deadlines and requirements before starting the application. Dates and fees in italics are tentative and subject to change. Check back periodically for updates. Consult with a KEI Program Manager before purchasing airline tickets.

TermArrival DateDeparture DatePriceApplication Status
Calendar Year 202323 March 202320 January 2024$29,900Closed
Spring Semester 202324 March 20236 August 2023$14,950Closed
Fall Semester 202313 September 202328 January 2024$14,950Closed
Academic Year 2023-202413 September 20232 August 2024$29,900Closed
Calendar Year 202427 March 202428 January 2025$29,900Apply now
Spring Semester 202427 March 20242 August 2024$14,950Apply now
Fall Semester 202414 September 202426 January 2025$14,950Apply now
Academic Year 2024-202514 September 20243 August 2025$29,900Apply now
Spring Semester 202526 March 20251 August 2025$14,950Apply now


  • The Calendar Year (which is the Japanese Academic Year) starts with the Spring Semester and continues through the Fall Semester. There is a 1-month Summer break. Housing is included during the break; meals are not included during the break.
  • The Academic Year starts with the Fall Semester and continues through the Spring Semester. There is a 2-month Winter break. Housing is included during the break; meals are not included during the break.
  • The Fall semester in Japan ends in late January, while the Spring semester at universities in the USA starts in mid-January. Most students get permission from their home universities to either miss the first weeks of Spring classes and make up the work when they return to campus in late January, or start classes remotely and join in person when they return to campus in late January. 
  • The application deadline for Fall Semester and Academic Year programs is  February 24.
  • The application deadline for Spring Semester & CalendarYear programs is September 30.

Financial aid

KEI offers grants, payment plans and incentives to qualified students. KEI also accepts all forms of federal, state, institutional and external aid that can be used for education abroad. Examples of external aid that are applicable to programs in Japan include:

Visit the Financial Aid & Payments page for more information.