JAPAN: Tokyo


The Tokyo metropolitan area has it all – a rich culture, exciting entertainment, incredible food, historic neighborhoods, modern architecture, bustling markets, and so much more. Every day could be a new and unforgettable experience.

Toyo University clubs and events help students learn about Japanese culture and integrate into Japanese society. There are many options, including judo, kendo, shorinji kempo, aikido, karate, dance, music, ikebana (flower arrangement), shodo (calligraphy), rakugo (storytelling), photography, band, choir, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and much more. Volunteering at a community organization, which may include teaching English to school children, planting rice, and other activities is another way to enhance the study abroad experience. Toyo also offers a “Home Stay Program,” which consists of events, including a BBQ party and tea ceremony. This is also a good chance to experience Japanese family life.

Housing & meals

KEI students live in the AI-House HUB-4 residence, located in the Akabanedai neighborhood,. AI (pronounced [ai] as in the pronoun “I”) carries multiple meanings in Japanese such as 愛 (ai or love in Japanese), 相 (ai or together in Japanese), 会 (ai or meet in Japanese) or 藍 (ai or dark blue, Toyo’s university color). The residence accommodates 292 residents; half are Japanese students and the other half are international students. Resident Assistants (RAs) help with various aspects of dormitory life and hold educational and cultural events.

AI-House HUB-4 consists of single-occupancy rooms. Bathrooms and kitchen are shared. The residence also has communal spaces such as the lounge, music studio, and study rooms. Rooms are furnished with a desk, chair, lamp, drawers, A/C, small refrigerator,  mirror, curtains, and bedding, which is changed twice per month. WiFi is available in the rooms and throughout the residence.

The AI-House Global Dining Hall serves a variety of freshly cooked Japanese, Western and Chinese. Vegetarian and halal options are available. The dining hall is open for breakfast and dinner, Monday through Friday, except holidays.  Meals at the AI-House Dining Hall are included in the KEI program fee. Students must budget for additional meals during weekends, holidays, and inter-semesters break.

Getting around town

The train and subway are the major public transport in and around Tokyo. The train connects travelers to different prefectures (regions/states) in Japan while the subway connects to different wards (areas) of Tokyo. Buses tend to run within wards. Taxis are also available throughout Tokyo.

AI-House is conveniently located 8 minutes walk to the Akabanedai station (JR Line), and 12 minutes to Akabaneiwabuchi station (Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line). The commute from the AI-House to Toyo’s Hukasan campus is 35-minutes (5 minutes by subway plus 20 minutes on foot).


Cecilia B. Ikeguchi
Tokyo, Japan

To the beautiful students planning to come to the land of the rising sun, Welcome! I am Cecil, and as you can see, there is a Japanese and non-Japanese element to my name. I was born in the Philippines, but have lived and worked in Japan for many years. Prior to joining KEI, I taught at Japanese universities and travelled to different countries studying and researching culture and communications.

I am so glad you are planning to come and study in Tokyo. There are many reasons to study in Japan. Whether it be the healthy food, the festivals, the old and ancient temples and shrines, the social practices of tea and kimono, the most well-known anime, or simply meeting and socializing with Japanese friends, you will find many aspects of Japanese life that are incredible and might even surprise.

I look forward to introducing you the richness and uniqueness of Japanese culture and its people.


Student life at Toyo.