RUSSIA: Moscow


Moscow is full of cultural and recreational activities – from world-class museums and theaters to energetic night clubs and Gorky (amusement) Park. In addition to KEI-organized cultural activities and field trips, students are encouraged to participate in campus clubs and events. The University offers many student-centered activities – Students Union, Young Researchers Council, Student Theater Workshop, Ballroom Dancing Club, Modern Dance Theater, Mountaineering Club, Baseball Club, Football (Soccer) Team and many more.

Housing & meals

Students live in the University residence hall, shared apartment or with a host family, depending on interest and availability. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy and shared with a KEI, international or Russian students. Students living in a shared apartment or with a host family have access to the kitchen common area. Some residence halls also have shared kitchens and common areas.

The campus and the surrounding area have several dinning halls and restaurants. Students will also find a large assortment of Russian and international restaurants throughout Moscow, including familiar franchises such as McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. There are two markets near the west end of the campus.

Getting around town

The public transportation system consists of metro (subways), aftobus (buses), tramvay (trams) and trolleybus (trolleys). Mass transport is well developed, timely and convenient for travel within Moscow and one of the best systems in the world. Public transportation operates between the hours of 5:30 AM and 1:00 AM. Taxis are readily available any time of the day.

The Metro is one of Moscow’s greatest achievements. Built deep underground during the height of the Cold War, the subway was designed to also serve as an underground city in the event of a nuclear war with the USA. The central stations have vaulted ceilings, many with murals, decorations and chandeliers.

Phones & internet

KEI will provide a prepaid mobile phone handset shortly after arrival in Moscow. The KEI Onsite Director will explain how to use the phone. The phone will have a small amount of credit to get you started. Additional minutes can be purchased at numerous stores.

Internet service is available in the academic buildings. Some residential rooms also have Internet. There are many Internet cafes throughout the city.


Marina Rozina
Moscow, Russia


I am the KEI Director in Moscow and I look forward to welcoming you to Russia. Before joining KEI in 2009, I was the Onsite Director for the University at Albany (SUNY) for 15 years. I also teach Russian language classes at Moscow State University.

It brings me great personal and professional joy to introduce Russia and my culture to students. We will be doing many field trips and activities that will highlight Russian life.

I never tire of looking at my students’ faces when they see Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb and Hermitage for the first time.

надеюсь увидеть вас в ближайшее время