RUSSIA: Moscow


All programs in Moscow, Russia are suspended until further notice due to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine and restrictions on student visas and travel. 

Moscow is the heart of Russia; its center of commerce, religion, science, education and society. This important capital has influenced Western and Eastern politics and cultures for centuries. Read more about Russia and Moscow.

  • Study at Moscow State University (MSU)
  • Intensive Russian language, literature and history courses
  • Russian business, politics and media courses (taught in English and Russian)
  • Internship opportunities for qualified students
  • Maximum of 19 credits per semester and 6 credits during summer
  • Transcripts issued by MSU and/or University at Albany, State University of New York (accredited in the USA)
  • Cultural field trips in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir and Suzdal
  • Affordable comprehensive program fee
  • Pre-departure advising and planning
  • KEI Onsite Director and 24/7 emergency support

Semester & year concentrations

  • Business & Politics
  • Russian Language & Area Studies
  • Internships & Community Service

Summer concentrations

  • Russian Language & Area Studies


  • Academic Year (early September to late May)
  • Fall Semester (early September to mid December)
  • Spring Semester (early February to late May)
  • Summer Session (mid June to mid July)