ITALY: Florence


There is plenty to do and see in Italy. Florence hosts many fashion events as well as plays, concerts, and sporting events. There are numerous museums of contemporary, Baroque, and Renaissance art. If you need a break from Florence, there are several picturesque small villages within an hour’s train ride.


Housing is organized in a student residence or a shared apartment. Student residences typically offer single-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms and on-site amenities such as a laundry room, WiFi, common areas, and a gym. Residences also provide a community of students (studying at different universities in Florence), which is conducive to meeting new people. A typical apartment consists of a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 to 4 bedrooms. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy although larger bedrooms might triple and smaller bedrooms might be single-occupancy. Most apartments have WiFi; some also have a laundry room.

Students can prepare meals in their kitchen or dine out at one of many cafes and restaurants throughout Florence. Living in Italy provides a great opportunity to learn how to cook Italian-style using healthful ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Grocery stores and open-air markets can be found throughout the city.

Getting around town

Florence has a very walkable city center with lots of cultural and entertainment options. Make sure to take a map, though, as the streets wind and change names often! Florence has an efficient bus and tram system. The main train station has connections to surrounding towns in Tuscany and major cities in Italy and throughout Europe.


Caterina Bemer
Florence, Italy


As a native of Florence, I look forward to sharing my favorite sites with students. I curate the Florence activity program to ensure you experience all aspects of Florentine culture. My academic studies focused on European literature and culture, and included a year of study in England. I know what it is like to live and study in a different country, and look forward to helping you transition to life in Florence.