SPAIN: Burgos


The semester and academic year curriculum offers courses, internships and community service. The Spanish Society & Culture (required) and Spanish Language courses are offered at Escuela de Espanol (EDE). All other courses are offered at the University of Burgos (UBU). Internships are organized at various companies and NGOs.

Students may enroll in a maximum of 18 credits per semester.  Spanish language courses are recommended and taught intensively for a total of 6 credits. Spanish language tutorials are 1 to 2 credits each. Most courses at the University of Burgos are 3 semester credits; courses with a laboratory are 4 semester credits. Internships are 3 to 6 credits, depending on time commitment.

Select a subject area and click on a course title to download a description or syllabus. If a syllabus is not available, contact a KEI Program Manager to request a course guide.

Spanish language & regional studies courses

Spanish language courses are taught using the immersion method in small classes. Spanish language tutorials are optional. The tutorials are focused small-group sessions for heritage students, students who need additional tutoring and students who want to specialize in a particular subject-area of Spanish language.

Courses taught in English & Spanish with English support

This section lists courses at the University of Burgos that are taught in English (marked with an asterisk *) and courses that are taught in Spanish with English support (tutoring, academic materials and exams in English). ‘English-friendly’ courses are a great way to improve Spanish proficiency while earning major-specific and general education credit. English-friendly courses require intermediate proficiency in Spanish. Make sure to confirm course offerings with a KEI Program Manager before finalizing your course selections. 

Courses taught in Spanish

The University of Burgos offers a wide selection of courses (taught in Spanish). Students must have upper-intermediate of better proficiency in Spanish to enroll in these courses. Select a Faculty/School to view academic departments at the university. Contact KEI to request courses in specific subject areas. A KEI Program Manager will work with you individually to find courses that fit your needs and interests.

Faculty of Economics & Business

Accounting and Finance
Business Administration and Management

Faculty of Health Sciences

Occupational Therapy

Faculty of Humanities & Education

Computer Engineering
Political Sciences and Public Management
Spanish: Language and Literature

Faculty of Law

Political Sciences
Public Management

Faculty of Sciences

Food Science and Technology

Polytechnic School

Agro-alimentary and Rural Areas Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Technologies
Computer Engineering
Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Technical Architecture

School of Labor Relations

Labour Relations
Human Resources

Internship & community service

Internships (for-credit) and community service (not-for-credit) allow students to learn from practical experience not attainable in a classroom setting. Internships require a minimum commitment of 120 hours (3 credits), but can be extended to 240 hours (6 credits). Community service does not have a minimum time requirement.

Placement is based on professional interests. Positions are available in business, medicine, health and public service. Below is a list of possible placements. Actual placement may be at a different company or organization.

Museum of Human Evolution
Burgos Chamber of Commerce
Fabricados Histron S.L.
Burgos Acoge NGO
Hotel Almirante Bonifaz

For more information, download:

Experiential Learning Guide
Internship syllabus


Credit and transcripts for courses and internships is issued by Lincoln University (accredited in USA)., University of Burgos (validated by the Ministry of Education) and Escuela De Espanol (validated by the Cervantes Institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Education).


The program is organized under the International Knowledge Center (IKC), a partnership between KEI, University of Burgos (UBU) and Escuela de Espanol (EDE). Spanish language and regional studies courses are offered at EDE; all other courses are offered at UBU.