THAILAND: Bangkok/Salaya


Trimester & Academic Year
Winter Intersession: BioCEP

The academic year at Mahidol University International College (MUIC) consists of Fall (T1), Winter (T2) and Spring (T3) Trimesters (same as Quarters). Students can enroll in up to 20 credits per trimester. Most courses are 4 trimester credits. The Thai Language & Culture or the Introduction to Thai History course is required.

Download the most recent Course Offerings file from the Download Files box to select courses. Open a subject area below and click on a course title to download the syllabus. If a course does not have an attached syllabus, contact a KEI Program Manager to make a request.

Applied Mathematics

ICMA 106 Calculus I
ICMA 211 General Mathematics I
ICMA 212 General Mathematics II
ICMA 213 Calculus II
ICMA 214 Ordinary Differential Equations
ICMA 215 Calculus
ICMA 222 Introduction to Pascal
ICMA 322 Advanced Calculus>
ICMA 323 Partial Differential Equations
ICMA 324 Real Analysis
ICMA 331 Special Functions
ICMA 333 Boundary Value Problems
ICMA 335 Theory of Complex Numbers
ICMA 336 Numerical Analysis
ICMA 341 Fluid Dynamics
ICMA 423 Set Theory
ICMA 424 Abstract Algebra
ICMA 425 Introduction to Topology
ICMA 441 Viscous Fluid
ICMA 442 Discrete Mathematics
ICMA 444 Research Project in Applied Mathematics (6-cr.)
ICMA 445 Seminar in Applied Mathematics (2-cr.)

Biological Sciences

ICBI 102 Integrated Laboratory in Biological Sciences I 2-cr.
ICBI103 Biolog II 4-cr.
ICBI 202 Integrated Laboratory in Biological Sciences II 2-cr.
ICBI 203 Comparative Biology of Vertebrates 4-cr.
ICBI 204 Developmental Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 206 Medical Ethics 2-cr.
ICBI 207 Ethics for Biological Sciences 4-cr.
ICBI 211 General Microbiology 4-cr.
ICBI 212 General Biochemistry 4-cr.
ICBI 213 Genetics 4-cr.
ICBI 216 Cell Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 221 Animal Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 231 Plant Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 241 Ecology and Conservation 4-cr.
ICBI 255 Introduction to Oceanography 4-cr.
ICBI 256 Sustainable Development 4-cr.
ICBI 257 Environmental Issues: Past, Present and Future 4-cr.
ICBI 301 Functional Histology 4-cr.
ICBI 304 Basic Immunology 2-cr.
ICBI 305 Human Biology I 4-cr.
ICBI 306 Human Biology II 4-cr.
ICBI 307 Nutrition and Dietetics 4-cr.
ICBI 308 Molecular Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 309 Pathobiology 4-cr.
ICBI 310 Mammalian Physiology 4-cr.
ICBI 311 Pharmacology and Toxicology 4-cr.
ICBI 314 Tropical Ecology 4-cr.
ICBI 315 Microbial Physiology and Genetics 4-cr.
ICBI 316 Environmental Microbiology 4-cr.
ICBI 317 Aquatic Ecology 4-cr.
ICBI 318 Aquatic Ecology Field Course 4-cr.
ICBI 319 Conservation Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 320 Population and Community Ecology 4-cr.
ICBI 321 Invertebrate Zoology 4-cr.
ICBI 322 Vertebrate Zoology 4-cr.
ICBI 323 Experimental Embryology 4-cr.
ICBI 324 Reproductive Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 331 Plant Physiology 4-cr.
ICBI 341 Neurobiology 4-cr.
ICBI 342 Developmental Neurobiology 4-cr.
ICBI 343 Endocrinology 4-cr.
ICBI 344 Environmental Science 4-cr.
ICBI 382 Systematic Biology and Biodiversity 4-cr.
ICBI 391 Health Psychology 4-cr.
ICBI 401 Medical Physiology 4-cr.
ICBI 402 Epidemiology 4-cr.
ICBI 403 Introduction to Tropical Medicine 4-cr.
ICBI 405 Community Health 4-cr.
ICBI 406 Ergonomics 2-cr.
ICBI 411 Psychopathology 4-cr.
ICBI 412 Parasitology 4-cr.
ICBI 413 Microtechniques in Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 414 Industrial Microbiology 4-cr.
ICBI 415 Biotechnology 4-cr.
ICBI 421 Entomology 4-cr.
ICBI 422 Animal Behavior 4-cr.
ICBI 431 Plant Tissue Culture 4-cr.
ICBI 437 Current Issues Biotechnology 4-cr.
ICBI 441 Marine Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 442 Pollution Biology 4-cr.
ICBI 464 Cell Technology 4-cr.
ICBI 465 Cytogenetics 4-cr.
ICBI 491 Seminar in Biological Sciences 2-cr.
ICBI 498 Research Project in Biological Sciences 6-cr.

Communication Design

ICCD 101 Perspective Drawing
ICCD 110 Visual Dynamics I
ICCD 111 Visual Dynamics II
ICCD 120 Space, Form and Materials I
ICCD 220 Space, Form and Materials II
ICCD 230 Visual
ICCD 240 Typography I
ICCD 241 Typography II
ICCD 242 Design Technology I
ICCD 243 Design Technology II
ICCD 244 Communication Design I
ICCD 245 Communication Design II
ICCD 306 Intermediate Observational Drawing
ICCD 340 Design Technology III
ICCD 350 Advertising
ICCD 351 Environmental Graphics
ICCD 352 Integrated Branding
ICCD 356 Information Graphics
ICCD 357 Animation
ICCD 358 Web Design
ICCD 360 Graphic Design History
ICCD 366 History of Modern Design
ICCD 370 Professional Writing for Designers
ICCD 376 Communication Design Materials and Processes
ICCD 377 Critical Issues in Communication Design
ICCD 380 Communication Design Practicum
ICCD 416 Printmaking 4
ICCD 426 Hand-made Books
ICCD 440 Senior Seminar: Thesis Research and Development
ICCD 456 Package Design
ICCD 457 Illustration
ICCD 466 History of Advertising
ICCD 470 Professional Ethics
ICCD 471 Senior Writing Seminar
ICCD 472 Professional Portfolio Development and Presentation
ICCD 476 Green Design Seminar
ICCD 486 Advanced Communication Design Practicum
ICCD 490 Communication Design Thesis I
ICCD 491 Communication Design Thesis II
ICCD 492 Public Exhibition

Computer Engineering

EGCI 100 Introduction to Computer Engineering 1
EGCI 111 Computer Programming
EGCI 200 Engineering Mathematics
EGCI 201 Discrete Mathematics
EGCI 204 Engineering Mechanics
EGCI 205 Numerical Methods for Engineers
EGCI 206 Engineering Mathematics II
EGCI 212 Programming Techniques
EGCI 213 Programming Paradigms
EGCI 221 Data Structures and Algorithms
EGCI 230 Electric Circuit Analysis
EGCI 232 Engineering Electronics
EGCI 233 Digital Circuit Design Lab 1
EGCI 234 Digital Circuit Design
EGCI 252 System Programming
EGCI 301 Computer Graphics
EGCI 305 Statistics for Research in Computer Engineering
EGCI 312 Professional Practice I
EGCI 313 Professional Practices II
EGCI 321 Database Systems
EGCI 330 Microprocessor and Interfacing
EGCI 331 Introduction to IC Design
EGCI 332 Embedded Systems
EGCI 333 Computer Architecture
EGCI 341 Software Engineering
EGCI 351 Operating Systems
EGCI 372 Data Communication and Computer Networks
EGCI 400 Morals and Ethical Studies for Computer Engineers
EGCI 404 Theory of Computation
EGCI 405 Mechatronics
EGCI 425 Data Mining
EGCI 427 Web Programming
EGCI 428 Mobile Device Programming
EGCI 429 Web Application Architecture
EGCI 432 Distributed Systems
EGCI 461 Artificial Intelligence
EGCI 463 Pattern Recognition
EGCI 465 Fuzzy Sets and Neural Networks
EGCI 467 Natural Language and Speech Processing
EGCI 474 Internetworking Technologies I
EGCI 475 Internetworking Technologies II
EGCI 476 Cryptography and Computer Security
EGCI 477 Penetration Testing and Prevention
EGCI 486 Image Processing
EGCI 491 Project Seminar
EGCI 492 Computer Engineering Project
EGCI 493 Cooperative Education
EGCI 494 Fundamental of Digital Forensics

Computer Science

ICCS 199 Computer Concepts and Fundamentals
ICCS 201 Computer Programming I
ICCS 203 Computer Programming II
ICCS 204 Introduction to Digital Electronics
ICCS 207 Introduction to File Processing
ICCS 208 Computer Logic
ICCS 281 Advance Mathematics for Computer Science
ICCS 306 Numerical Methods I
ICCS 311 Compilers
ICCS 312 Human Computer Interaction
ICCS 315 Operating Systems
ICCS 316 Computer Architectures
ICCS 321 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
ICCS 322 Microcomputer Systems and Interfacing
ICCS 323 Computer Data Communication
ICCS 324 Discrete Structure
ICCS 325 Theory of Computation
ICCS 331 Organization of Programming Languages
ICCS 332 Image Processing and Visualization
ICCS 333 Introduction to Cognitive Science
ICCS 365 Information Systems Analysis and Design
ICCS 366 Management Information Systems
ICCS 367 Design Patterns
ICCS 371 Internship in Computer Science 2-cr.
ICCS 398 Special Topics in Computer Science I
ICCS 406 Numerical Methods II
ICCS 411 Database Management Systems
ICCS 412 Distributed Database Systems>
ICCS 413 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
ICCS 414 Information Storage and Retrieval
ICCS 415 Computer Graphics
ICCS 416 Knowledge Management
ICCS 418 Computer System Security
ICCS 421 Computer Networks and Distributed Processing
ICCS 425 Algorithms
ICCS 426 Advance Data Communications
ICCS 427 Enterprise Networking
ICCS 428 Object-oriented Concepts
ICCS 429 Microprocessor Concept and Applications
ICCS 431 Software Design and Development
ICCS 432 Software Engineering
ICCS 433 Network Analysis
ICCS 434 Computer Security
ICCS 435 Database System Development and Analysis
ICCS 436 Operating Systems Analysis
ICCS 437 Fundamental of Natural Computation
ICCS 438 Introduction to Computer Forensics
ICCS 439 Evolutionary Computation
ICCS 441 Business Application Programming
ICCS 442 Decision Support System
ICCS 451 Artificial Intelligence
ICCS 452 Intelligent Robotics
ICCS 453 Machine Learning
ICCS 454 Natural Language Processing and applications
ICCS 455 Virtual Reality
ICCS 473 Technology of Computer Center Management
ICCS 474 Internet Programming
ICCS 476 Internet Enterprise Design and Development
ICCS 477 System Simulation
ICCS 478 Pattern Recognition
ICCS 479 Electronic Commerce
ICCS 497 Seminar in Computer Science 2-cr.
ICCS 498 Special Topics in Computer Science II
ICCS 499 Senior Project in Computer Science


ICEN 212 Ecological Systems Analysis
ICEN 241 Environmental Pollution I
ICEN 301 Basic Environmental Statistics
ICEN 311 Environmental Analysis Laboratory
ICEN 312 Environmental Toxicology
ICEN 313 Cleaner Technology
ICEN 314 Tropical Ecology
ICEN 317 Aquatic Ecology
ICEN 318 Aquatic Ecology Field Course
ICEN 319 Conservation Biology
ICEN 320 Population and Community Ecology
ICEN 331 Soil, Land Use and Degradation
ICEN 332 Introduction to Oceanography
ICEN 342 Environmental Pollution II
ICEN 351 Population and the Environment
ICEN 352 Environmental and Resource Economics
ICEN 361 Principles of Environmental Impact Assessment
ICEN 362 Natural Resource Conservation and Management
ICEN 391 Sustainable Development
ICEN 392 Environmental Issues: Past, Present and Future
ICEN 401 Applied Mathematics for Environment Studies
ICEN 402 Map and Photo Interpretation
ICEN 411 Climate Change and Its Impact
ICEN 431 Land Use and Urban Environmental Planning
ICEN 432 Global Geomorphology
ICEN 461 Energy Conservation and Development
ICEN 462 Coastal Zone and Resource Management
ICEN 463 Forest Management in the field of Environment
ICEN 464 Water Resources Management
ICEN 465 Resource Inventory and Baseline Studies Methods
ICEN 466 Environmental Management Systems
ICEN 467 Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
ICEN 468 Environmental Management Policy
ICEN 483 Physical Planning and Environment
ICEN 491 Seminar in Environment Studies (2-cr.)
ICEN 492 Excursions for Environment Studies (2-cr.)
ICEN 496 Senior Project in Environment Studies (6-cr.)

International Studies

ICSO 201 Human Geography
ICSO 202 Major Social Institutions
ICSO 203 Global Change in the Late Twentieth Century
ICSO 205 Paradigms in the Social Sciences I
ICSO 206 Paradigms in the Social Sciences II
ICSO 207 The History of the World Economy
ICSO 210 World History A (c.1400 – 1763)
ICSO 211 World History B (c.1763 – 1914)
ICSO 212 World History C (c.1914 – 1945)
ICSO 213 World History D (c.1945 – 2000)
ICSS 222 Thai History
ICSO 231 Modern History of East Asia
ICSO 232 Civilizations of East Asia
ICSO 234 The Indian Sub-Continent up to c.1500
ICSO 235 The Indian Sub-Continent since c.1500
ICSO 237 Australasia Since 1770
ICSO 238 Africa Since 1800
ICSO 239 The Middle East Since 1800
ICSO 241 Latin America Since 1800
ICSO 243 North America c. 1763-1900
ICSO 244 The United States and Canada since 1900
ICSO 245 European Society and Culture up to 1945
ICSO 246 Europe Since 1945
ICSO 247 The European Union: Development, Institutions, and Politics
ICSO 248 Russia and the Soviet Union since 1800
ICSO 261 Economic Geography
ICSO 262 Global Resources
ICSO 263 Population and Migration in the Modern World
ICSO 264 The World Economy Since 1945
ICSO 271 International Relations
ICSO 272 Comparative Political Systems
ICSO 273 World Politics and World Order
ICSO 274 International Organizations
ICSO 275 Democracy as a Political System
ICSO 276 History of War
ICSO 280 Gender Issues in the Modern World
ICSO 281 / ICIR 324 Society and Technology in the Modern World
ICSO 282 Global Media and Social Change
ICSO 283 International Cultural Studies
ICSO 285 Drugs and Society (2-cr.)
ICSO 301 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
ICSO 302 Historiography
ICSO 303 Modern Social Theory
ICSO 332 Human Rights
ICSO 341 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary East Asia
ICSO 342 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary South Asia
ICSO 343 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary Australasia
ICSO 344 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary Africa
ICSO 345 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary Middle East
ICSO 346 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean
ICSO 347 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary North America
ICSO 348 Society, Politics and Economics of Contemporary Europe
ICSO 381 / ICIR 327 Ethnicity and Representation in International Affairs
ICSO 349 Society, Politics and Economics in Contemporary Russia and the Former Soviet Republics
ICSO 350 Contemporary China and the Chinese World
ICSO 351 Contemporary Japan and Korea
ICSO 360 Patterns and Consequences of Development
ICSO 366 Indigenous Cultures in the Modern World
ICSO 367 Environmental Issues in Social Context
ICSO 369 NGOs and Political and Business Contexts
ICSO 370 Diplomacy and Negotiation
ICSO 371 Foreign Policy of the Major Powers Since 1945
ICSO 374 Revolution, Terrorism and the Modern State
ICSO 376 War, the Military, Society and the State
ICSO 377 Devolution, Privatization and the State
ICSO 378 International Law and the State
ICSO 381 Ethnicity, Society and the State
ICSO 382 Religion, Society and the State
ICSO 383 International Crime and Law Enforcement
ICSO 384 Migration, Diasporas, and Culture
ICSO 390 Tourism: Development and Cultural Change
ICSO 400 Senior Seminar (Social Science)
ICSO 401 Independent Study in the Social Sciences

Thai & Foreign Languages

ICML 160 Introduction to Thai Language and Culture
ICLT 161 Elementary Thai I
ICLT 211 Pre-intermediate Thai I
ICLT 212 Pre-intermediate Thai II
ICLT 213 Pre-intermediate Thai III
ICLT 311 Intermediate Thai I
ICLT 312 Intermediate Thai II
ICLT 313 Intermediate Thai III
ICLT 320 Intermediate Thai: Written Skills
ICLT 330 Intermediate Thai: Oral Skills
ICML 131 Elementary Chinese I
ICML 132 Elementary Chinese II
ICML 133 Elementary Chinese III
ICLC 212 Pre-intermediate Chinese II
ICLC 213 Pre-intermediate Chinese III
ICLC 311 Intermediate Chinese I
ICLC 312 Intermediate Chinese II
ICLC 313 Intermediate Chinese III
ICLC 320 Intermediate Chinese: Written Skills
ICLC 330 Intermediate Chinese: Oral Skills
ICML 141 Elementary Spanish I
ICML 142 Elementary Spanish II
ICML 143 Elementary Spanish III
ICLS 213 Pre-Intermediate Spanish III
ICLS 311 Intermediate Spanish I
ICLS 312 Intermediate Spanish II
ICLS 313 Intermediate Spanish III
ICLS 340 Spanish for Business
ICML 122 Elementary French II
ICML 123 Elementary French III
ICLF 211 Pre-intermediate French I
ICLF 212 Pre-intermediate French II
ICLF 213 Pre-intermediate French III
ICLF 311 Intermediate French I
ICLF 312 Intermediate French II
ICLF 313 Intermediate French III
ICLF 320 Intermediate French: Written Skills
ICLF 330 Intermediate French: Oral Skills
ICLG 211 Pre-intermediate German I
ICML 101 Elementary German I
ICML 102 Elementary German II
ICML 103 Elementary German III
ICLG 212 Pre-intermediate German II
ICLG 213 Pre-intermediate German III
ICLG 311 Intermediate German I
ICLG 312 Intermediate German II
ICLG 313 Intermediate German III
ICLG 320 Intermediate German: Written Skills
ICLG 330 Intermediate German: Oral Skills
ICML 111 Elementary Japanese I
ICML 112 Elementary Japanese II
ICML 113 Elementary Japanese III
ICML 121 Elementary French I
ICLJ 211 Pre-intermediate Japanese I
ICLJ 212 Pre-intermediate Japanese II
ICLJ 213 Pre-intermediate Japanese III
ICLJ 311 Intermediate Japanese I
ICLJ 312 Intermediate Japanese II
ICLJ 313 Intermediate Japanese III
ICLJ 320 Intermediate Japanese: Written Skills
ICLJ 330 Intermediate Japanese: Oral Skills

Travel Industry Management

ICBC 201 Business Communication I
ICBC 202 Business Communication II
ICMS 301 Management and Organizational Behavior
ICTM 200 Fundamental Accounting
ICTM 201 Principles of Marketing
ICTM 210 Accounting for the Travel Industry
ICTM 211 Statistics for the Travel Industry
ICTM 212 Introduction to the Travel Industry
ICTM 213 Finance for the Travel Industry
ICTM 214 Economics of Tourism
ICTM 270 Consumer Behavior in Tourism
ICTM 307 International Travel & Tourism
ICTM 310 Event Management
ICTM 311 Sales and Marketing for the Travel Industry
ICTM 312 Human Resources Management for the Travel Industry
ICTM 313 Tourism Environments
ICTM 318 Business and Social Etiquette
ICTM 319 Eco-tourism Studies
ICTM 320 Lodging Property Management
ICTM 323 Front Office Management
ICTM 324 Food and Beverage Management
ICTM 325 Housekeeping Management
ICTM 330 Cultural Heritage Management
ICTM 331 Guide to Tourist Health and Safety
ICTM 341 Forest Tourism Management
ICTM 352 Tourism and Hospitality Law
ICTM 370 Technology for Tourism Industry
ICTM 400 Tourism Business Management
ICTM 401 Strategic Management for the Travel Industry
ICTM 410 Passenger Transportation Management
ICTM 413 Operations and Quality Management
ICIH 416 Baking and Pastry
ICTM 420 Sustainable Tourism Studies
ICTM 423 Seminar in Tourism Planning and Promotion
ICTM 428 Tourism Guide
ICTM 430 Managing Package Tourism
ICTM 431 Rural Tourism
ICTM 433 Tourism in Developing Countries
ICTM 442 Hospitality Training
ICTM 461 Travel Industry Management: Internship I
ICTM 462 Travel Industry Management: Internship II
ICTM 471 Seminar in Tourism Industry
ICTM 472 Airline Business Management
ICTM 473 Seminar in Service Management
ICTM 474 Supervision in Hospitality Business
ICTM 475 Introduction to Culinary Arts
ICTM 476 (ICIH 438; ICTE 437) Wine Studies and Wine Tourism
ICTM 477 Hospitality Facilities Business
ICTM 478 Facilities Development & Planning in Hospitality
ICTM 480 Tourism and Hospitality Research Methods


Credit and transcripts for courses is issued by Mahidol University International College (accredited in Thailand) and Lincoln University (accredited in USA).


Mahidol University (MU) is the oldest institution of higher learning in Thailand. Founded in 1889 as a medical school, MU has since developed into the most prestigious university in Thailand, internationally recognized for its high-caliber curriculum, research, international collaboration and professional services. MU faculty and alumni have been recipients of numerous international awards. KEI participants study at Mahidol University International College (MUIC), which offers courses in English.

  • 32,000 students at MU; 1,800 international students from 45 countries
  • 3,000 students study at MUIC


Students studying at MUIC are required to wear a uniform consisting of a white shirt/blouse, black pants/skirt and black shoes. Download the student uniform requirements for more information.